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Similarly combat roles matter more for ships

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Likewise, while only a couple of your guns will be able to fire if you’re facing an enemy head-on, you greatly reduce your exposure to returning fire. Managing dwindling crew numbers and thus unmanned weapons is much, much more difficult when you don’t know what weapons are on your boat in the first place. It’s also worth taking note of where the engines are in your boat and trying to avoid any sustained damage to that area of the vessel as losing power will leave you a sitting duck, waiting to be picked off by the enemy. If you can’t escape to cover or turn to save a weakened side or better utilise one of your cannons, you’re already as good as dead www.lolga.com .

Similarly combat roles matter more for ships than they do for tanks in Ground Forces. While the same basic principles of agility and firepower apply, you’ll find that unlike with tanks, any boat can kill any other boat. It might seem obvious that the rapid Elco PT 314 should lead every attack, but actually they function far better as support vessels that move in to clear house with their torpedoes after the larger ships have traded their first few blows. Similarly, you might think it wise for the larger boats to snipe enemies with their impressive armaments, but their prime position is actually on the frontline.

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