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Take You Know The Tempered Frosted glass

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Ultra Thick Tempered Glass is actually particularly popular, and there are various types of tempered cup. People can choose based on their own needs. Some people want to make sanding to get tempered glass, which might achieve better protection, although tempered glass has Clean, and how is tempered glass classified?

Is tempered cup frosted?

1. Tempered goblet belongs to safety a glass. Tempered glass is actually a type of prestressed glass. In order to add to the strength of this glass, chemical or physical methods tend to be used to form compressive stress around the surface of the magnifying glaas. When the glass is put through external force, the surface stress is first offset, thereby improving the keeping capacity and enhancing the resistance with the glass itself. Wind difficulty, cold and heat, impact and so forth.

2, the popular saying usually tempered glass is an entire, the scrub treatment must be polished on the goblet, it will destroy the particular glass surface, so grinding on the tempered glass, it will never work. Suggestion: If you want to tempered glass and wish to process the effect of sanding, you need to develope the glass into frosted glass after which you can use frosted glass pertaining to tempering. It will turn into Frosted Tempered Glass. www.ahwhglass.com

Are usually classification of tempered cup?

1. Physical tempered glass is also called quenched tempered cup. It is to temperature the ordinary flat glass from the heating furnace to the actual softening temperature (600 В° C) belonging to the glass, to eliminate the internal stress by its deformation, then remove the glass from your heating furnace, and then create a savings fund multi-head nozzle to blow the high-pressure cold air on the glass. The tempered glass is often obtained by rapidly and uniformly cooling both the sides to room heat.

2. Chemically tempered glass can be used to increase the strength on the glass by changing the chemical composition on the surface of the tumbler. Generally, it is tempered simply by ion exchange. The process comprises the steps of: immersing a silicate goblet containing an alkali metal ion in a very molten lithium (Li+) sodium, exchanging Na+ or K+ ions with the glass surface layer together with Li+ ions, and forming a Li+ ion exchange layer within the surface, due to Li+ The particular expansion coefficient is smaller sized than that of Na+ in addition to K+ ions, so how the outer layer shrinks less and the inner layer shrinks more in the cooling process. When cooled to normal temperature, the glass is additionally in the inner layer and the outer layer is under pressure. Similar to actual tempered glass.

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