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How can this affect gameplay?

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There was a lot of controversy shrouding Lion and Finka, due to their"international" skills that affected all players concurrently. Is that something you are still looking into for Operators?

We learn a lot we discharge. And it is one of the things where sometimeswe learn things that we have done which are excellent and we employ people to other Operators.

[...] You will not ever hear some of our cheape Rainbow Six Siege Credits balancing team say,"Oh yeah, we got it perfect." You'll never hear us say that. But we're learning and we are constantly improving. And being able to choose learnings from things we've done previously and apply that knowledge to prospective Operators is something that all our sport designers are really adept at doing and it is something we're putting a focus on moving ahead.

Moving onto your rework of Hereford, and buffs to Clubhouse and Consulate. As you are looking back at your previous maps, are there mistakes or design choices that you are considering, seeing Rainbow Six Siege has evolved?

Well, I would call it a mistake. Hereford was among the very first maps we ever built, it was the very first map we had our internal competitive games on. So Hereford was constructed to be played at a different game than what we have now. And the idea of what we had and how Rainbow Six Siege will play pre-launch, and then the way Rainbow Six is played by our players and what they've taught us -- very different matches.

So that the reworking of Hereford base, it was a very great chance to take this iconic map which had any issues that prevented it from becoming competitively viable and giving it a facelift. But if you're knowledgeable about the Hereford, and you've played on the new Hereford, it's really more of a brand new map than a facelift. We were able to take a lot of what our level design has learned over the past couple of years from our players, and apply that to Hereford, with such as perpendicular gameplay, and rotations, and roaming and all those things. So we are able to improve that we did not realize they needed to be improved upon if they were first released.

What were the ideas behind implementing rain to the Hereford Base rework? With changes to visibility and audio, how can this affect gameplay?

Making sure that our surroundings are exciting and R6 Items enticing for gamers is critical, which drove a lot of the artistic leadership for the new Hereford Base. However, you'll observe that there's no night time, for Hereford, only per day map. We realize that nighttime maps are not as viable as day maps, so that's why we're leaning towards the afternoon map assortment for such maps.

So ultimately wrapping up, what would be the center pillars of Rainbow Six Siege development are currently moving ? What is your focus as a team going?

Well, it is a couple different things. Anti-toxicity and anti-cheat efforts are being worked on by one portion of our team, our balancing staff is working on ensuring that we have steady, balanced meta. We have level designers that coming out and are perhaps tweaking maps. Focusing on the overall player experience is something that we are really, making sure every time somebody logs into Rainbow Six, and really working towards, they have a fantastic experience is critical.

While Rainbow Six Siege just came off an all-time high, Ubisoft is not slowing down moving forward. Having firm roadmap and a strong following for the future, the game might be topping the charts in the months, or even years to come. Meanwhile, make certain to check out our hands-on with Operation Grim Sky into the new Operators and gadgets.

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