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I started to observe how everybody

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I love to know that everyday that I will wake up Maplestory M Mesos for sale and play with the game without even surprises due to a stupid business. I'm sure many people feel like me. Having IP prohibit in GMS, in 2015, is a indicator that nexon wants to kill the game. Particularly for Explorer, Cygnus Knight and non-maplestory2 Demon/Xenon Resistance personalities (since those tend to be treated by the story as members of a group, instead of a specific individual).

Seriously, I can't be the only one who will dislike many of the existing conversation alternatives for speaking to maplestory2 NPCs (especially ones who, quite frankly, create my personality seem stupid or childish). Would not it be cool if we can, upon making our character, assign them a set of specific personality traits that would ascertain the wording of your quest dialog?

So if, for example, I wanted one personality for being a kind-hearted, slightly na?ve, and idealistic Knight in Shining Armor wannabe, and another to be a serious, functional, and somewhat cynical Deadpan Snarker, equally may have dialogue options which would sufficiently reflect these characterizations.

I had a real life friend whose name was David. He grew up in my own neighborhood with me. However he needed to move to another country, but we continued playing videogames online. Starting with Tibia, Runescape when we had been around 11 years old, then because we had 13, we played a lot MapleStory with different friends as well.

1 day approximately 2008 (we quitted MapleStory) and we were 15 years old, I messaged my buddy through facebook to get on and play Xbox. He responded, not big issue really. The following day, October 7 of 2008, I started to observe how everybody began to put"RIP" in his FB wall. I simply didn't understand how to behave in notice that is shocking.

I'm now 22 years old and after recalling a few games Maplestory 2 Mesos I used to play with back then 7 decades ago, I chose to try MapleStory and then I saw this message from my friend:This is David, the person who died, his title was shhab.
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