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My criticisms of this game are my own

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But they don't, because JAGEX knows you'd have to be addicted already to get to 92. I never argued the quests were awful. I completed almost every pursuit I could when performed, it was my main motivation. They are"good", probably the best part of the game. Mind you, the reason the quests are so great is because Runescape doesn't actually have a main quest story line to follow, and may be a lot more liberal with it is layout. Slayer is a grind it is among the skills. For the record, my favorite skill was dungeoneering, because it tricked me into believing I was playing with a different, better game. And then it turned into a mill after ~40. If you think anything's not a grind after 40, OH BOY you're mistaken. But I am not going to specify"grind" right now.

You're right, the battle system isn't deep. That's unacceptable if your game has 5 stats devoted to it entirely (and many stats indirectly), they need to have made it more interesting. They did not need to add action bars, they could have had, as an instance, ability shots.As for the D&D contrast, I actually GM for a group of 5 people. It is in D&D primarily to prevent things from devolving to:"I struck it." "No you do not." Etc, etc.. It works because you are never fighting with other players, so it's fair. And besides, the party shouldn't be carrying on a battle which could have them killed with a dice rolls that are bad. A video game shouldn't be doing that, although not to mention that I can fudge dice rolls to make things easier/more spectacular.

But RNG that prevalent has no place in PVP. It is among the reasons why there's such a low ability ceiling.It is correct that I never did competitive PVP, but I did find a lot of PVP on the event I would loot dead bodies in the wilderness, or the duel arena. It's static. You just stand there, and no amount of ability will change that.I can still comprehend PVP problems the exact same way somebody can comprehend sports issues: Seeing somebody else who has put time in doing high-level play. I watch Runescape on YouTube which includes PVP. Yeah, I think it's horrible. When the maximum level players just smack each other and still stand there , constantly complaining about numbers being small or too large, you know your combat system is dull.

Besides, none of this matters because the combat system is really fundamental, a six year old may be taught how to perform it.My criticisms of this game are my own, nobody told me to state these things. When I do watch videos on Runescape, it's mainly positive, and they surely do not bring up the majority of the issues that I mention.On the idea of level climbing, you don't understand what it is. Level scaling is the process of taking all player's stats and matching them. It makes sure everybody has a chance at winning, also evens the playing area. Runescape clearly has nothing of this description, therefore it's not surprising that the battle is awful.

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