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I play WoW Classic mainly because of its lore

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Click here to write your articleP.S that being said I wouldn't mind hunters getting scaling in later phases to match warriors. Won't occur tho, would make hunters far overly op if you get to do warrior degree dps with option to reset aggro or save world buffs when wipe happens, outrange all of the nasty aoe and utterly shit on melees in pvp.

Why does no one know this? WoW Classic hasn't been created for the older fans. WoW Classic has been created because blizzard-activision can assure a massive amount of money from most of the private server players that sub and the old players who no longer play and sub. All of your points are valid but your missing the point of WoW Classic. It's a cash grab. Any changes to WoW Classicplay could effect the money grab in order that they won't occur. Examine the changes that might be in WoW Classic. Sharding for example, no one needs sharding however, why blizzard need to implement it is because it saves money. Activision don't care about the longevity of WoW Classic or adapting gameplay. After WoW Classic becomes stale they will add stores and wow tokens for the final phase of the money catch, that won't be for a few years though.

Wow was created to earn money but it was created by a group of people that were excited about developing a brand new gaming expierence. A more user friendly mmo that was simplier to play and demanded less of a dedication. A way for them to attract their warcraft universe to life. MMO's rarely earn a good deal of money especially before wow. That passion and love is gone, what's all about making profits. They are no more craftsman they are sales people. They will set a cash shop in WoW Classic once the numbers start dropping after WoW Classics been out for a couple years. Boosts to 60 and wow tokens will eventually make their way into WoW Classic. Why wouldn't they? Because it ought to be kept pure to your lovers? Do you honestly believe that things?

Finally the majority of people may unsub they will squeeze the last from WoW Classic and then based on the cash thats been made release TBC. Either launch TBC that will definitely make money and demand a good deal less time to develop or maintain vanilla microtransaction free, create new content and potentially class balances that the community is broken over and could possibly bring about a flop? Which do you think they will choose given that they did not want to make WoW Classic in the first place? In addition, I don't think that is a bad thing that is just what will most likely wind up happening.Considering people have been enjoying vanilla personal servers for decades and still don't get sick of it says a lot about WoW Classic. I think also if it is super effective maybe will make a WoW Classic reforged(using all these servers) with harder raids and mechanics inside them and class tweaks to make more course specs viable for that scene.

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