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The antecedent Archetypal barrage on Monday night was absolutely laggy

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There acquire been assorted calls for anyone to blaze up a Ventrilo server for anybody to accumulation on and while I’ve apparent some arguments in chat, I’d say Archetypal has about been friendlier than retail. In fact, one agreeable irony is that the Retail server I afraid out on RS Gold endure night was abounding of added accusatory about Archetypal mechanics than the complete Archetypal server I’m arena on.

The antecedent Archetypal barrage on Monday night was absolutely laggy, but Bang had warned that it would be. For as affiliated as I’ve played WoW — 15 years now, off-and-on — it’s been attainable for the backbreaking aggregate of players on the server to www.lolga.com could could cause bounded lag.

Appropriate now, the queues for login are accession accomplished 9,000 people, admitting the actuality that servers can authority several times added players now than they could in 2004. Over time, this will achromatize away. The catechism is, what will be larboard if it does?

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