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It kinda feels like you're writing a journal with a narrative that players that are 2k will see.

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Make your way around canada you can come work structure with me then we can play a few games after work(in moderation). I had been at exactly the spot you are about 18-19,years just replace 2k using counter-strike and add on a rate dependence. I was honestky surprised my parents didnt toss me thought I suspect the fact I had been selling drugs to support my addiction and payong their mortgage with all the remainder every month had something to with it. You you seem as if you've got an addictive personality. Ive struggled with this shit all my life snd it goes off. You have to watch your protected the rest.

However, when you catch yourself going down a path just educate yourself how much your life really reverted back then, and if you cant seem to be able to play only a litle bit without going back into profound you have ta just stop entirely. Maybe for litle perhaps forever just dont drop back to the same patterns.Yes, my character can get addictive.

With all the parents alot of it's denial, I believe. However, it my uncle and aunt, frankly, alot of thier"worries" about me would have been settled if they only reached out. They never did. I thought I attempted, however, they had a set plan for me (go into debt to get into school and work to pay thier lease ), and after I didnt follow this, I didnt matter what I did. I had to go.

I'm gonna keep it funky with you man, I'm sure you have a really worthwhile story to tell and you should definitely do that, but I'm not sure this matter is gonna get into a large amount of eyeballs with no serious assistance with the writing itself. I really don't wanna sound like an asshole but... it is not good. The voice is basic, it's clunky but also rambles, the sentence structure is choppy, there is not a lot of detail a non-2k player would use to put together what NBA 2K20 even is. It kinda feels like you're writing a journal with a narrative that players that are 2k will see.

My proposal is to find. The story is told by you, make them locate your voice. Your title can be on it, you can earn money and most importantly you can feed your desire that is creative. I'd really encourage this man because I think there is a story here worth telling, but I fear your restricted writing abilities won't tell it wholly.Lots of people here are suggesting you get in touch with VICE, which is a fairly great idea. Other alternative media outlets similar to VICE ought to be considered as well.My inbox is available if you have any questions or wish to hear a little more about my ideas on the writing.

If you want to know more, please click www.nba2king.com

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