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Rathma is the son of Inarius and Lilith

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Next comes his powers. Rathma is reported to be able control and to increase the deceased, in addition to read feelings and thoughts. In the film trailer came back to life. Additionally, Rathma was able to read the yearnings of the final adventurer and also have him forfeit his life by reminding he came in search for knowledge.

Rathma is the son of Inarius and Lilith, a nephalem. Dependent on the lore, Inarius imprisoned made it so nephalems would continue to lose their abilities and Lilith. It is why nephalems have more or less become mortals. In Diablo 4, Rathma could be wanting to recover his full powers. Therefore, the very reason to ask his mother to rescue them place.

There's also a risk that the character is really a priest of Rathma. However, seeing the way he interacted from the trailer that is cinematic with Lilith, it is more probable that he was Rathma himself. The setting, however, opens up a slew of avenues later and for Diablo 4 installments to research. Rathma might be trying to control Lilith for a purpose seeing he isn't too fond of either of his parents, according to the lore. It is probably to the three souls that need to be forfeited, or the three prime evils Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal returning at Diablo 4.

Lilith may even assist Rathma free Inarius from his eternal torture in hell. There's very likely to be another bout between the armies of hell and heaven. Lilith might not even be the prime antagonist, which Rathma -- based on lore -- is perfectly capable of carrying the lead on.Diablo 4 has been previously rumored to possess a powerful Diablo 2 effect, being darker and grittier. The cinematic trailer and all of its gory details pretty much hammered that rumor right into position.Multiplayer was a basis of Diablo because the days of reading IP addresses off and Diablo 4 can take it further than previously. Blizzard confirmed it is working at BlizzCon over the weekend, in which the match has been unveiled in an interview with The Telegraph toward Diablo 4. "You will find technical details and facts to work through together with the first parties, but it's our goal to reach cross-play."

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