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A screenshot from the subreddit of WoW Classic

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Rank 14 in World of Warcraft Classic is a loony accomplishment. But three of them in exactly the exact same household? These triplets did it. The 14th place grind is possibly the toughest test of inspiration World of Warcraft Classic has to offer you. No wonder, after all, you have to play with PvP every day for approximately 18 hours a day, for months and weeks. There's very little time left for life or any other distraction away from the mill.

All more impressive and the more crazy are such triplets, all which earned 14th place. What happened? A couple of days back the consumer realfirstcream posted a screenshot from the subreddit of WoW Classic. That is the highest rank for which the most work and the time are required, position 14. The post got the headline:"Born on precisely the same day, Supreme Warlord on precisely the exact same day - I and also my triplet brothers fulfilled our childhood fantasy."

Incidentally, they took the screenshot in Hyjal - a location that is hard to access and actually closed off at WoW Classic. We at MeinMMO requested realfirstcream (Goibon on the screenshot) how they did it. He tells of how they have practically aligned their entire lives according to this: We played it around the clock daily. We aligned our lives for 3 months and had about 5 hours of sleep.

So only one of us needed to walk afk for a short time For instance, we went for a walk with all 3 dogs in precisely the time and not separately. This is exactly what they say about accusations of accounts sharing: In the guide, the accusation was accused of operating account sharing or using bots - but without providing any proof. We also asked about this and got the answer:

We did not do any account sharing because we wanted to make an impression. It'd have been quite easy for us [to do accounts sharing], but we didn't need to. The only type of fraternal help we gave was to bring each other cold beverages from the fridge.The three brothers fulfilled a childhood dream and achieved 14th location. A remarkable accomplishment, in which it helped to motivate each other daily. Do you have the endurance for 14? Or did not you even try?

Check out www.mywowgold.com for more details.

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