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Some members of their OSRS community

11.May.20, 06:28; Icon 13; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Click here to write your articleIf this is real it is probably merely one of those mods forgot to turn off debug stuff, but I would love to see more supervisors say stuff when you struggle them.Which necessarily occurs when Cerb's at 5 hp and you simply wanna find that final hit in the ghosts do not hit you, but you hit three 0s in a row and need to move to avert the lava which results in you fucking up the emptiness to your ghosts and almost dying, then you eventually get that last hit in and she drops the 15th motherfucking worthless unholy symbol up to now this activity and you go and put Hellhounds back onto your own block list.

Yeah, I've never felt more fulfilled than through those Cerb tasks where I fall 2-3mil on prayer potions and get jack shit for a reward, what in RuneScape should be like that. I save my $11/month and could finally stop. There is absolutely nothing wrong with people needing to make decent rewards for their efforts while playing, and there's this bizarre disconnect between that and some members of their OSRS community.

SoTE has even higher requirements than either of those two, but the stuff you unlock from it is promptly forgotten, and everyone's cool with this. It seems like a ton of people actually want everything to sense frustrating and unrewarding. Why?!

Cerb is a pet that is an adequate tradeoff for its loot supply in the short term. It may be fustrating but theres other bosses with more rewarding distributions if you prefer short term gains. Dont stomp your feet, hedge your bets you desire. The point is that it devalues other parts of RuneScape. Skills become pointless since you receive everything from skills as stackables from pvm because people like you're so concerned about gain per hour.

Then high degree skilling should be buffed to be as rewarding as high level bossing, instead of to have some bosses that drop such worthless garbage that you shed millions of gp farming them unless you hit the jackpot. Having RuneScape players depend on miniscule chances to get any reward at all from playing your game is a fast route to your RuneScape players getting burned out and quitting.The answer isn't to have high degree bossing be bothersome and offer you nothing unless you are extremely lucky.

If every facet of finish game PvM was similar to that, you wouldn't be reading this remark from me since I wouldn't be enjoying RuneScape anymore, and I would not be the only one leaving. Vorkath, raids, and Demonic Gorillas are there for me. Each of those has large jackpot items which are SUPER gratifying to get, but when I do not get them then at least I left a bit of money while farming them, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Individuals have hatred of RS3 you gain on many kills. Allowed profit snake and vorkath are rather unreasonable, but I want to receive a reasonable profit without uniques. Frem elite and grotesque guardians hit that balance nicely with good profit per kill and rares being a boost. Any boss where the loot before rares does not cover the cost of an average kill has to be buffed.

All upgrades are based on whether you want them. No other justification or reasoning needed such as devaluing skilling or presenting electricity creep or whether it artificially lowers the price of infrequent items.I mean clearly you should not put me, or anybody within this sub (sans Woox) accountable for RuneScape. I have my comments, they are voiced by me into surveys, if you don't like it then vote otherwise. If you would like to drop money on a supervisor for 511 kills in a row, go kill cerb. I'm not a fan of this strategy.

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.

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