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Madden's time were milder

21.May.20, 09:37; Icon 13; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Madden is still the coach with the most wins in Raiders history. Madden never had a losing year as a head coach.

That is what annoys me. The man certainly knows his football. You would never know it. It is not that he does not understand what he's talking about. He is one of the greatest coaches of all time, Just like you say. It's only that he evidently thinks we are all idiots who don't understand the most or first basic thing about the game. The degree of commentary and depth we have come to expect from Tony Romo ought to happen to be what we got from Madden all along.

Madden was Romo-esque long until we knew breadth and the depth of Romo. Romo is awesome but Madden was the pioneer. He helped bring football to the masses. He performed with it as Romo does and understood his audience. Different time, different personality, different attitude, different guy.If you're an expert in something it actually takes skill to dumb something down so that the average person understands it without dumbing it down too much which you feel as the man is either being condescending or has been stupid themselves.

Thats why that type of comment exists. Then people are confused about wtf hes talking about, if he doesnt dumb it and they can't enjoy Madden as much. You believe back in the 80s and 90s in which youd actually have to strive hard to acquire resources to research soccer strategy, and it is fairly clear the ordinary viewer pre internet could be quite dumb requiring higher dumbing of their down.

I mean, that the mile and also a 40 are completely different to run. Not taking away anything from Madden, or Landy here, or not saying that NFL linemen can body milers. To clarify for those. The mile is about aerobic capability and being able to keep a near-top rate for the whole thing, as well as a few pacing. Excess muscle/explosive force in the beginning is not a goal since the muscle you would need for that would only bog you down from the 500m mark (about, possibly 600m, possibly 800m, point is that they don't train for that).

The 40 is a measure of A) burst off a lineup B) lower body power / power / mass C) technique, in certain order. That is why guys who are larger (o&d-linemen) can nevertheless place up 5. xx 40s. That may be laughed at by the man and think it's slow. It is probably 50% faster than can run it. A miler does not train for this skill-set, it'd be a waste of time. They would probably still be faster than a lineman, but it's not by as far as you believe, and I'm sure linemen back in Madden's time were milder. Even the technique is completely different and requires time to learn. Incidentally, that is part of the reason it is still used at the mix even if it is not just 100% applicable to match situations. It reveals the recruit's ability to apply themselves to understanding this specific technique when asked to if they know draft position is on the line. It is not exactly the be-all end-all, but it is a data stage.

Check out www.mmoexp.com for more details.

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