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Its pair with cards that are great so thats a bonus that is definite.

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Should I get opal Dwight? Dwight is my center of time. I have opal tmac and pink diamond Paul George already with 570k to spend, I am also very good at making mt particularly with tmac on tto boards so should I lock for him? As a long time MyTeam participant I say play YOUR players. Play along with your favorites, use the players on the team you root for and have fun with the guys you prefer. I've never let anyone tell me or influence what cards I need to use. If Dwight is your C of all time then it is a no brainer. Lock it in. Its pair with cards that are great so thats a bonus that is definite.

Is Dino Radja worthwhile if you can just get Amy Mo Bamba who's way cheaper and only slightly worse in shooting but way better and taller on D. Dino is a thousand times better than Bamba, it's not close. Man is a turnover machine and inside although bamba can block shots. Dino is fast, strong and you will green his release every moment. Imo you've got it backward. Bonga is the better shooter although dino is a defender. Bamba gets the better and faster launch imo although dino is a much better slasher. Dino is far better than Bamba in matters not shooting. And of course Dino can't shoot cause he's a shot that is great but I locate Bamba a little much better shot. Also the wingspan of Dino makes up for the height difference.

Price me 4.8 m for the last 200 cards 2 weeks ago. : ) I assume moments cards can be avoided by him today and maybe he invest tokens on reward gamers. I dunno is present, series 2 and heat test players price. I didn't sell them back. I believe they cost at least mt when they were purchased by me. That is like 1400 cards complete. These cards will price 1m Mt at the least. I invested 8m+ mt (more likely 10m+ mt) to reach ad for certain.

What is funny? I've kept a rough estimate and when my last bought card was not glitched Hedo, I would have probably been below 5 mil getting to AD. Aside from Hedo I think was 42K. Most under 25k the huge majority under 2K and actually under 10k. I started the grind for him around 2 weeks ago and that's my guestimation.I spent an entire week specifically bidding on cards, not enjoying NBA 2K or flipping cards. There's something similar to 450 rewards cards you can get for free. Then you've got the vast bulk of the jerseys and misc items which could be bought for under 500 MT if you only pay attention and bid.

Then there's also the majority of non silver or amy string 1 and two cards that can be obtained for sub-1k. Even a number of the silvers can be had for 1k as well. Heat checks are more costly that those packs are gone but I got nearly all of mine to get around or just. I have the non participant cards and was attempting to figure out if I could afford to get AD but I don't see it occurring especially with the heat check pack being gone.I went for it since I had like 1.8 Mil MT and MJ/AK/TMac/Luka to sell. I just got about 1.1 mil for many of them I believe. Unfortunately superpacks hurt TMacs worth a lot by the time I sold him but whatever.

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