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There is A punt down the buy Mut 20 coins

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That is madden. He clearly stepped when touching the ball, so it should be a touchback. Also a touchback, if you take the ball into the endzone. Madden never gets this right, it's like trying to comprehend where the rear of the endzone really is. I have had Madden automatically overturn receptions caught 3-4 yards in the backline as then just the other day my player caught the ball IN THE GOALPOST and it counted it with no challenge.

There is A punt down the moment its touched by the kicking team...so carrying it in the endzone does not mean anything. It is a touchback if the player rolls the ball while inside the endzone. Watch players not trying to run into the endzone with the soccer in real life, downing a punt.

That's still distinct though. From the madden clip the ball is not moving and the player is running, downs it, and decelerates throughout the endzone. The ball is moving along with the player dives into it keeping the ball going to the endzone. That is why that participant is angry, because he feels as though it should have been downed if he touched it so in order to keep it from being a touchback he had to bat it back, but the ball was moving.

When the ball stops that is where its own down it's the exact same gap as the team circling and waiting for the ball to stop rolling vs diving from in order to bat the ball out. If the ball remains in movement than there is no way of knowing where it would land so that it's a live ball before it comes to some stop.This is a well known rule my man and the participant even knew it. They interviewed him he believed the ball had been touched by the other team.

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