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Compete at a level that is Madden 20 coins

02.Jun.20, 06:20; Icon 12; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Video games havec been ruined by microtransactions and it needs to be illigal. Its predatory and idle. Our only hope is that one day another developer is going to have a shot at the nfl license.

At the day's end I understand we want to compete at a level that is high so why don't you invest some cash on mut to be the best? Wrong. Because while you buy pack after pack never getting the player you wanted, madden is just giving packs and also the best players to all of the twitch streamers and youtubers. That should be illigal. Business bias, and advertising that is false. For everybody who is at the fence and keeps buying these matches because, let us face it, it's your sole football choice. Only know that it feels fantastic understanding you didn't give this terrible ahit display of a company any of your money. Then you get to get online and laugh at all of the people who will be pissed away in 2 months.

Touching on the move teams, the uniforms are ugly. I re designing all of them for free, anybody can create uniform designs then whoever handles that shit for them.

I truly miss having the ability to relocate and make MY staff from scratch. Here is to hoping that the XFL does well enough to lure someone to make a professional football game which caters to the customers of the product! I wish somebody would get into the business and make it their mission to force the NFL to cancel the license agreement by destroying Madden in earnings. For lack of a better term, I'd say it's a Longshot.

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