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Dofus need a Whole class rework plus also a pvp / pve separeted abilities

12.Jun.20, 12:13; Icon 7; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Ok so at condition of Dofus every course do everything, everione has a map controller, everyone has damage that is good, everybody can have 5k Vit + 50% resists. Therefore we dont have a cra/xel / osa / enu wich are damage dealers / suports with Full resists and 5k Vit my ideia: Define each course role and cap its own vit / resists. And ankama should make their life simpler while having some charms with cooldowns that are distinc efects in pve and PvP. Their game they could balance far more.

Overall I agree with you, but you should be careful tho that course identity and"roles" also have their risky part: This basically mean that your course is OP for a number of useless and contents for others. Which leads that nobody would like to manage anymore in 2k19. Solo content being dreadful for a few classes (for tanks it's a huge problem in many matches ).Some other courses being basically refused by each group for a specific dungeon as another class is doing better so their development chances are heavily nerfed.Much less diversity in PvP battles since why would you bring anything that is not the ideal course in a PvP conflict, etc..

There's a balance to find but everyone with a role also have a bunch of defects. IMO it is pretty cool when you can do"everything" (to some level, not everything but you have the point), as long as you continue being super efficient in a certain region and just"average" on others.PvP has no motto since 60% of the figures are cras, 10% iop, 10 percent sac. And 20% split in the other 15 courses ( statofus can affirm ). Eni are usleess in any Dungeon because every int char can Go with a heing weapon and do much more harm than the usual Eni, me as a int roub can utilize 5 ap to heal, 2 for last breath and kill two creatures with boombot + wall.

I do not really know about these statistics. I've seen lots of the other races at pvp. Maybe not like 50% of this time but to get a match of 19 classes (if I recall correctly) being capable of locating all of them is fairly exceptional. Imagine pvp full of xelors cuz they can tp to you and deal 4k. Problem is xelors are dificult while other courses have a gameplay that is easy, to be played. Well calling courses is a bit.. Idk. You can not say there is a class braindead just because it's simple. Without getting killed, However, at a larger map how do you do that? And btw. Bow healing can't outside cure an Eni. The roles are there but you don't need to follow them which is okay.

Yeah,braindead is a ofensiva way of saying, however we are missing the main point, ALL courses having map manipulation and harm / survability/mobility isnt good for Dofus. Well that's true. Although I believe not all classes have that, I think that it hurts Dofus. So everybody may have a opportunity, but at the exact same time makes it. The reality is that it's hard to balance something big. They have done a more or less good job. I wonder what future changes will they attract.

More information about Dofus Kamas in www.ezdofus.com

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