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If ur not a hardcore player, you wont everything on ironman style

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You refute this by claiming"I can get 3rd era any moment from a random clue between now and the passing of OSRS. But I'll never be able to RuneScape gold acquire a cosmetic from this store if I do not take part in a specific tournament." Of course should you clues you have a chance of age, but you can not compare to not doing something, doing something. It is like if you did not do clues; you're choosing to not perform the action that rewards the item, if you don't take part in the tournament. But a choice to not do something doesn't mean it's"really impossible".

Anyhow, your argument is based on premise and likely incorrect ones according to what Kieren has said. You need to play the league to earn the benefits we understand. But there isn't anything to say that it will be impossible for Ironmen to earn points to purchase the rewards. There's nothing to say the benefits are"one-time uniques" either; in actuality, I doubt they'd be since that could be introducing"rares" back to OSRS, that has previously been shot down. And after we get the website with benefit system and the benefits entirely explained, if you do not like it, then you can always vote no. But arguing on the premise you believe that may not be able to get them against makeup rewards is absurd.

I'm eager to punt this argument until we see the way the rewards store is organised. Clues vs tournament, the ideology is that you is available to perform at any time while the other exists in a certain point. They would be unobtainable for a few gamers, if rewards were one-off. If I am busy following month and that is when the tournament isI wouldn't be able to get the one-off unique. I'd still be in a position whenever 11, to do hint scrolls. Leagues sound cool for me. Cosmetic uniques seem cool to me. Rewards that are unobtainable after the truth are not cool to me however. Just like you said earlier -- we do not understand the rewards shop will look. And then I'm OK with this, In case it turns out that it is fine and benefits can be obtained over time. Let us wait till we understand to comment.

If ur not a hardcore player, you wont everything on ironman style. So I dont see the issue here? Want it? Grind for it. Dont, then dont. Like I want corp pet but I never expect to get it. 833 hours adding time on average not to get distribution. I mean how does kagex ever expect us to find every (cosmetic( pet as a casual player? You appear to think that points cant be buy RS gold obtained if you dont play a/any year (s). Thats not true lmao. A person 10 decades later will be able to earn points.

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