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That is like arguing as their objective is to make more cash

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That is like arguing as their objective is to make more cash, it is okay for your drug dealer to decrease your medication! Some of us cannot tolerate viewing any criticism of something they enjoy, even if that criticism has literally nothing to do with them. How many times have you seen thorough analyses with though-out suggestions being disregarded as"complaining" on reddit? Definitely at the hundreds for me.I sure love the worth CD job red holds up, helps silence their horrible expectations of workers. But it's fine because they are nicer to the consumer, whereas other company is bad since they have lootboxes, despite not treating their workers like trash.

You are delusional if you believe big publicly traded companies like these have some values besides gain. The distinction is in their strategy of how to extract the maximum profit. Some only realize that creating an excellent product is well worth it and you'll make more money overall than you may from cutting corners and making a lot of decisions which piss of your core market. Awful direction will only push these stupid changes attempting to maximize profit and will not care.

That's also why you're completely right because these two ought to be split up for queries. The actual developers often have a very different mindset from the direction and may actually really care for their product and want the very best for this. I certainly feel that applies to the OSRS team vs Jagex administration. Jagex is exactly like every other company that is big, although I think the OSRS team generally cares a lot about their product and desire the very best for it. They're not as bad as some, but they're not good. They are just mediocre, haven't fucked up too bad yet, but they will always have distinct priorities for what to do with RuneScape sport than somebody thinking just about RuneScape game and not the gains will.

Folks have this belief that what you are saying is some wisdom that is mind-melting. Money is made by companies, thats their purpose. Brilliant, choose your decoration and have a seat. Now can we talk about as clients, we've got the right to whine about how they make their money? We've literally had RuneScape match we loved ruined after, and people that make your debate will let it happen again. I wonder if capitalism is necessary. Saying that things might exist if they are profitable means that loads of things that are precious, but not monetarily, are forced out of existence.

Why does a business need growth each year? Is it not enough simply? Or even reduce gains but do some shit? It is disappointing that people that are essentially broken get to decide how the rest of us reside. People who are selfish consistently take more than what they want, meaning the correct play is to also be selfish. It's so disappointing, we could achieve a lot more if we weren't bound in this way. Capitalism is nice. This is compared to socialism, where the capital owners don't decide supply, and communism where there aren't property owners and the government decides what's produced in the first location.

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