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I just downloaded RuneScape and I am very excited to press play

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I just downloaded RuneScape and I am very excited to press play. But, I'm certainly not the kind of person who likes to jump right into a game knowing nothing about it. I heard of RuneScape once I was about 10 and my cousin was like 15. He was constantly enjoying with it and I was quite curious and wanted to begin playing it but I did not have a good enough computer at the opportunity to play with it on in which it would operate well. Up until today, I'd totally forgotten it even existed, until somebody suggested it yesterday in another sub as an awesome online RPG to play with and then I was like"ohhh, I understand that game". I know that and the title's about it, well to be truthful.

I noticed that there are links to"how to" guides on this sub and I will get to those later but for now I was wondering if you guys had some good tips/facts I should know, some intriguing things to look out for, some things to look forward to as RuneScape game progresses. Just whatever you would have liked to have know before beginning RuneScape game for a noob. I'm ok with spoilers. So as long as you tag them appropriately for members, I don't mind. Oh and are there any in game collectibles? I enjoy games where they have things. I'm already excited therefore please remark anything that excites you and you really like in RuneScape game!

Take a fantastic look through settings; you will find qol stuff like discarding potion vials as soon as they're empty: its great for skills like slayer. Dont fail quests: they unlock a bunch of things for your account and provide a lot of exp; particularly sliske's endgame that's among the hardest quests, but gives 1.25 million exp to skills of your selection. Talking of quests; do quests in order for maximum enjoyment. Some quests have prerequisites of other quests but some that are in the series dont. The biggest offender of the imo is dire occasions.

It is possible to move your camera by moving your mouse and holding down your scrollwheel. This permits you to use wasd for keybinds. Set yourself a goal: creating objectives and attaining them is the pleasure of RuneScape game. Unlock invention: innovation is an elite skill which requires you to have 80 smithing, divination and crafting that permits you to massively increase your damage potential or speed up skills by strengthening your items. Every few months theres exp per week or so; perform the grindy abilities to spare yourself some time or conserve skills that are more expensive until then

Train agility up a bit; this will make moving across the map much easier and will increase your energy. D&Ds give a lot of exp and rewards, and I recommend doing them. Unlock lodestones; by visiting them 22, lodestones are basically teleport spells which you may use infinitely but need to unlock. When you get to the point at which your looking to get some harder to receive train or gear up abilities which may be done at no cost but are much faster through paying eg masterwork armour or smithing dont create it yourself; farm up the money and purchase a set. Its faster. Eventually dont be scared to request information; you ask people ingame could ask here on reddit, or use the wiki command to access the website.

If you want to know more, please click www.rsgoldfast.com

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