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Another simple solution would be to have buyouts

23.Jun.20, 04:31; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Basically a simplified version of the methodology the approach could take is you can construct a distribution of the amount of sell offers that get filled of a specific item in a given time period. In the event the sudden way more market offers are getting filled for seemingly no reason, you understand that thing is a sink thing. Then you're having no impact if you don't fill the offers. As another user suggested maybe the best way to fight this matter is just buy the items all at once (after the fact) but I believe that may raise other potential issues such as developing a bizarre risky marketplace based around abrupt price spikes, where people invest in crashed items only to get an opportunity their item will get chosen. If it doesn't the item crashes farther. I guess, if that an issue people care about or if its worse than the situation is just another argument.

If they desired to utilize runelite/osbuddy data they would be idiot. To get a general price it works when items are rising/falling and you will see. However, there's been a fuck ton of scammers and cost manipulators for OSbuddy and runelite suggested price trackers on reduced trade volume items and even retailers efforts to manipulate popular items. It has been a massive problem a random times, so certain, if you want to go all in on an item that very likely could only be a random scammer jumping/dropping that the osbuddy/runelite price then proceed, because those customers track any completed supplies, it could literally be the same person at buy limit for an item selling them 100 times over and over and it messes up osbuddy and runelite records although not the Jagex ones.

Also the idea that there'd be a issue in the speculative market for an item buyout in the end, which I proposed in the first sentence of my comment once I said you are assuming they purchase them since the gp comes in which doesn't need to be true, does not make any sense. There is literally thousands of items. It is not like we have a list of 10-15 possible items to be seeing, there's easily over 100 to be watching and having a program does not help when when it could be a manual option by jagex to select something in the end of the afternoon, you don't have to get it automated, that's simply asking for problems to take place. They can easily have things set up to flag some things.

Another simple solution would be to have buyouts that are arbitrary rather than have a single thing being bought out. Say every 100m dropped, they will buyout an item and then the next 100m goes towards a different item or if 100m is not attained, force it in a particular time period to use whatever it has. All your assumptions are that jagex has to use the most simple possible way of implementing this notion or will. There's literally an infinite method to complicate it with small tiny tweaks which make it almost impossible to forecast or abuse, especially if any step has some kind of individual participation it throws computer learning the door almost entirely.

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