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I was thinking the exact same thing

28.Jun.20, 07:32; Icon 5; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Click here to write your articleI really don't believe this is quite right. Blizzard had years upon years to downsize and cut customer care and quality assurance, but just after merging with Activision did the giant wave of layoffs hit. Before this point, it was much more probable that customer service would be like they just fell in for a chat, an authentic human being who would speak with you. The stupid name of a guy was reported by me at the GM and the same point and I talked about crossbow mechanics for like 10 minutes. Another time, a GM abandoned my wife a chocolate birthday cake that was full size in her inventory because she mentioned that it was her birthday. I don't expect you will understand if you were not playing Blizzard games but they sort of were your friend, also it is painful seeing them return like this.

Blizzard GMs were garbage back then. I think people are only considering this with rose colored glasses. I recall trying WoW in 2005. After a couple weeks, my guild and I decided we didn't take care of it and guessed we would all get banned because we weren't likely to be playing. We did eccentric things until fly inside Ironforge and we decided to only Z-axis hack. No bans. We reported every other, and we chose to literally cover people gold to us. No bans. We did this for days ahead of the majority people gave up. 1 guild member stuck with it and eventually got despite publicly hacking more than 1 event.

I am sure there were lots of cool GMs giving folks birthday cakes and such, and I even remember having a nice conversation with one who caught me operating a fishing bot (no ban or suspension), but poor enforcement has always been a issue with Blizzard. This isn't to excuse their behavior today. I refuse to purchase some Blizzard games after their activities over the last year or so, however I think that when we take off the rose-colored glasses it will become clear that they were never as good at customer service as we envision. They made matches that were great, which made a good deal is forgiven by us.

That is kinda simple to reply. The majority of us have a simplistic view of how companies work. They believe they understand because they work in one, what happens. Which does not give them much info in any way. Decisions are made in the higher levels in massive companies. So they go with the few things they can actually observe. And you receive the typical threads here. The developer and/or publisher are doing great, if they like a game. The developer/or publisher is evil and incompetent, When they don't like it. It is always a remarkably superficial look at things with no true understanding on how things work or any actual information about what goes on in those companies.Forgot to mention the amazingly biased view people normally have also.

Oh, man, I was thinking the exact same thing as I read through this thread. Felt like deja vu seeing ATVI because the significant boogyman setting down the devs of your favourite sport. Yeah, there it? However, reaction to fuckups, community, and the absolutely management of the sport - thats on the back part of these people actually running WOW Classic.

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