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Disposal fee such as in preceding Animal Crossing titles

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First off, you can still market turnips. However, you will not get anything that day's turnip cost will be for them. You will only get 100 bells and they won't be sold as heaps of 10. Instead, they'll market as one turnip a pile, so there's a great possibility that you'll be missing out on some huge money. While you won't make many bells, this may remove them from your own island and you're still getting some cash back instead of being required to pay a disposal fee such as in preceding Animal Crossing titles.

The best use for turnips would be to use them to draw a few bugs out. By departing turnips around the ground, you can attract ants and flies that you can catch and donate to Blathers' museum. Whether you would like to begin your own ant farm or you may just keep some for yourself. It may take a little time for the bugs to arrive, but leave out the turnips from the sun for a while and finally, you should observe some pests which you're able to catch.

The very last thing you need to do is spend thousands of bells in turnips only to allow them to spoil. But if you want to complete the Critterpedia, then it may be a great idea to keep one or two turnips on hand to rust and attract some gross bugs.

The raccoon is a tempter of destiny also, more than anything else, a loan shark that is deviant. While it appears he would have the best interest of the player at hand, in truth, he seeks nothing more but to earn money off those who would just like to start a life for themselves. Is it too difficult to ask just to be provided a house the size of a drop on a plot of land?

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