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NBA 2k is in another class that is fucking

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It was the exact same story for me back in 2016. As a european the sole real sports get to understand is football(soccer). After the NBA I start from that day. Now im a hughe enthusiast, watching 2-3game a week (maximum. Games u can watch in europe). Since 2019 I play MYTEAM and having a blast. U need to try it out.Yeah, same here. Played lots of FIFA and nba is a completely new and refreshing experience. It is so sensible and it runs smoothly. The thickness of the leagues you can build is amazing and my livelihood is simply an awesome experience. Only thing I have to say I did not like is my group, as they foundation they make the cards that are fantastic based on random things.

Like, for instance, a max player in team could be someone in the group of this year while in nba 2k20 there's a galaxy opal Lamar Odom simply since so. Also, rating are extremely high in my team and it would be more enjoyable if such as the opals were really super rare, needed something related to a real occasion in the current or the past and the rest of the cards were more balanced. I don't like those type of match modes. The thing about 2K I adore is THERES OTHER OPTIONS YOU CAN PLAY. In Madden, the ONLY game attribute which has any kind of depth is that their version of my group known as"Ultimate Team" and what else is crap and boring.

Never made sense for me the people that post mentioning 2k is crap yet they're a sub to the feed that was 2k. If they hated it they wouldn't waste their time on Reddit's 2k feed. Glad you like. although I played with with the 2ks, such as 2k12 got fixated on madden therefore I didn't play 2k again and recognized that its a better product than madden is. Would be nice to see what 2k could use an NFL sim but that I believe EA has a distinctive license for NFL sims which is the reason why 2k doesn't have one.

Putting unskippable cutscenes at a $60 game that are part of a story nobody cares about, is not ok or enjoyable. Neither is your dev team putting that much effort into a cookie cutter story that's never interesting or particular while there are well documented uncontrolled fundamental gameplay issues that have been current year over year and have not been fixed (ex. "B" in 2k18 - who sat in 2k plank along with dev meetings and determined that personality was worth time and cash to code into NBA 2K20 rather than fixing other problems ).

2k is in another class that is fucking. You compile a huge group by grinding and are able to play with with FUT. In 2k, you are able to devote a month enjoying with my career games daily and your player still might not be workable in online play unless you purchase VC. You basically have to put aside extra once you buy NBA 2K20 if you want to play with buddies. It's impressive how much lag affects the experience, while you can play with FIFA fairly okay even with slower connections. Not the place for this particular criticism but I'm fairly sure online FIFA players have any method to purposely lag NBA 2K20.... Cuz it happens to lag BAD to a counter strike!

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