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Welcome to congrats and old school

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Click here to write your articleWelcome to congrats and old school! Hope you like the changes. I am hoping that I like slayer in osrs it had been my favorite at RS3. Are you loving it so far? It's been nice. I'm playing"softly" doing a bit here a bit there. I'll fish for an hour watching Netflix, eliminate that and proceed a pursuit or struggle some crawlers. Go watch some fight in lumby to get a lil while. It's a good feeling not fretting about"exp loss" I must 1bil exp in RS3 and that I became obsessed with exp loss. It was unhealthy. Now I think I'm in a much better place.

RS3 is quit by me because there's just so much happening. Just a lot of incentive and new events every day apparently encounter. Nice to get back to a grind. I consumed too much of my time. I play osrs. It's nice.I heard there was like, some legit terror game type quest in RS3 now. It's been around idk. Complete with everything and screaming. It is actually quite fun. But in authentic RS3 fashion it's also a weekly task to add to the never ending list you have to do to be efficient.Most efficient isn't most enjoyable. That is the secret for me is currently trying to get the enjoyable not the very best exp/hour.

The created dungeons were so fun and reminded me of rogue matches (nethack or dungeon crawl or dungeon hack). The bosses were very cool and theres so much possible for lore along with the rewards are af. I'd settle for extra raids. Instead, Gauntlet feels just like the spirit of Dungeoneering but quite reduced in scope. A choice of bosses there would be fine. Omg chambers of xeric is what I am looking for. Dang I'm pumped to go try it out.

Same. Unfortunately there's at least 30 percent of the neighborhood that's low IQ and might vote no.Not sure about that, I think those who never played it in RS2 would desire it additional if it was explained to them, and the majority of people who did play it'd need it added, you merely have a little but loud vocal minority of"iT's NoT A sKiLl It'S a MiNiGaMe!". Many RuneScape players need more PVM articles in RuneScape.if sailing and warding failed (particularly Sailing which had no true negative past) I HIGHLY doubt DG will pass. A lot of of clueless individuals just remember their rapier that is hectic would insta vote and grind with random teams. Then all the"it is a minigame lmao" people would vote no. And you may expect PKers to do the same since they're PKers.

Dungeoneering can, and should be reintroduced with rewards if it is introduced in any way. There is a lot that they could add rather than BIS weapons that would add power creep to RuneScape. Sailing and Warding were sort of vacant abilities, they didn't seem to offer much new articles to RuneScape aside from a lot of grinding thus its not a shocker that the neighborhood passed. Dungeoneering is already fleshed out and Jagex could establish it in a state similar to it was after a few significant upgrades rather than the initial state they launched in for RS2 in which it had been sort of lackluster at launching. With no chaotic weapons probably the only people voting no on it are the minigame shills, and individuals who genuinely hated training it and only wish to AFK in the lender to get everything.

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