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I am a brand new player (EU) that started one month ago, I play on Draenor, and I have had a blast with WOW Classic. It is so much fun I don't wish to play with anything else, and for a long time, I did not get what everyone talked about. Why were people whining, I believed? What's the situation? The battle is very good, the world -- just wow!, the art, soundtrack.. It's a masterpiece of a match. It really is. All the things the YouTubers have been speaking about are authentic! I thought. This is in fact the best MMORPG ever!, I stated. But something feels missing. It's like eating your Grandma ever biscuits.. on Wall Street. Regular. And that is when I was struck by it.

I totally get what the issue is. It is the community. The legendary sense of community everybody reminisces about isn't there, it simply does not exist anymore, and it is not tough to see why. I don't have to have played with WOW Classic since vanilla to be aware of the road since I have seen this occur with games 28, it has been down. The WOW players eventually become selfish, they become disinterested in others, they hyperfocus on their needs and people and goals are treated like NPCs there to assist them compared to real real people. I have this bracket I need to farm, so that I don't care about helping you with... (go here).

Oh, you're not doing exactly what I expect at this very moment? I'm on a tight schedule and my period is very important, I'll just leave this group and leave what we've worked on. Guys come join my ( ) to help me with ( )!! Oh, you have? It'll take 20 minutes? That for, no, you're kicked. Levelling experience and system revamps be damned if the Community does shift.

I tried joining 2 or a guild, and they just were not guilds. They were collections of WOW players looking to exploit everybody else around them there wasn't any attempt to do anything. There wasn't Guild history, or some pride, or measure that is introductory. It was like being in General Chat,, only the asks were frequent. Oh you're here? ok cool.. Unless you talk never spoken to again. You kicked if you wait around for them to assume their role of, you know, Guild Officer.

Being in charge? Making things happen? Even getting help yourself was impossible, and Attempting to get classes together, people just ignore you 98% of their time. I went back to using Group Finder / LFR for joint-effort things because the alternative got me nowhere and gave up on that. It's the same song and dance there, though individuals are in agreement. There's no talking, there's no making friends, everyone's in a rush, get things done, go, go, everyone must go, then leave. No quitting, or you are out. Every second must be productive and effective.

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