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I wouldn't be surprised if Challenge Mode gets added as filler Ep3 material tbh

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I wouldn't be surprised if Challenge Mode gets added as filler Ep3 material tbh, as we just have PD + TD4. Odds are we won't be captured up till at least q2 2021, like. Start of ep6 and things will likely need to begin being taken slower by ending of ep5, and we'll have etoile + gunslash successor to get. And of course stuff and seasonals we don't have. A few of those weapons require a while to get. I am certainly eager for crafting finally. Could not play with ranger with no crafts from JP. Significant question Why are we gonna get Lilliparium drops to prep for crafting?? Because how the hell are we going to level crafting without them at any decent rate.

Lets hope Steam launch replaces gameguard using VAC, because holy fuck that malware of a"you cant play despite no incompatible programs in error log files and nprotect service tells you to turn off gaming services and xbox program services REQUIRED TO BLOODY RUN Phantasy Star Online 2" piece of shit may rot.Don't count on it... SEGA's been faithful to GameGuard ever since Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst days Lots of MMOs on Steam do still use third party anti-cheat software like Xigncode and all that sort of thing. The best chance to get rid of this could have been on the MS Store but it seems through some hacky method or Microsoft creating an exception they were able to execute it... yea. Releasing on Steam is most likely not going to change that much.

With it being published on non-Microsoft stores like steam, so there is a chance for it to come out on PS4/PS5 and Turn down the line. If the current switch version was great. PSO2 on switch is merely a streamed version of Phantasy Star Online 2 along with the input is pretty bad.To be fair, can it be bad for people playing it where it is meant to be participant? Or is it bad for people on the side of the world hoping to play a match being streamed out of Japan? Japan on average has better internet speeds than the US, and can also be a lot bigger, so if the servers are similar to in Chicago or Dallas then a person from say, California would probably have a much higher ping than you'd get from likely only about anywhere in Japan playing on Japanese servers.

We can dream, though it's unlikely there will be a ps4/5 variation in NA, or if there's it will be an entirely different ecosystem, since the recent characters are tied to a Xbox live account. Given how hard it is to have Sony and Microsoft to play nice together, I doubt we'll have the ability to log into our Xbox accounts on Playstation anytime soon, and I doubly doubt they will execute a new account to tie your characters to just so we could log into there.If so, then I will point out that in all fairness, that's Minecraft. It one of the greatest gaming properties in the world at this point, so constraints that apply in the cases of different games will get real effort.

Well I'm bummed, I wanted to perform the NA version but I am having a wide range of issues on PC. I tried installing it through the MS Shop on a secondary driveway and it dropped a bunch of files in the main directory of the drive (probably MS Store stuff) and then some data in my Documents directory. I uninstalled it and it didn't appear to eliminate anything, and that I had to fiddle around to get of the stuff to delete. Tried installing again through the store and it keeps saying"Something happened on our end. Try again later." Anyway I'm frustrated that Microsoft can't work out how to install apps on a secondary drive in 2020 without dumping crap it wants.

If you want to know more, please click www.pso2ah.com

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