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That Are Overcome Without Momentum Moves

15.Jul.20, 10:14; Icon 8; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Please bring the contested and pull ratings that are shooting, or at the bare minimum bring the and three stage deadeye badges back. It is totally not possible to capture the massive variance in gamers' skills as is currently. For instance, CJ Mccollum shot 40% on open threes last year, and 27% on contested threesthat he captured 51% on spacious mid range shots and 48% on contested mid range shots. It's now impossible for me to represent his skills with ratings. We don't have information on exactly how the badges work, but even still, let us say if I were to give him a gold deadeye since CJ is topnotch at contested mid sized shots.

He would now ALSO be elite out of threes unlike he is IRL. Then if I didn't give him the deadeye badge since he's doesn't take a fantastic percentage on contested threes, then he would also take a massive hit contested mid-range shots when he's elite from there. This is not suitable for what's supposed to be an NBA simulation in 2119 and all of this information is available on nba. For another example, Marc Gasol left ZERO contested or pull up threes a year but shot 37% on open threes, now as a baseline he's going to have the same contested/pull-up shooting ability from 3 as most players. This is the purpose although I could provide hundreds of examples. It's impossible to replicate the massive variance in players' shooting skills without these ratings, which is supposed to become an NBA SIM, and obviously, this would be very easy to bring back, given these ratings have been at the sport for ages.

I believe gamebreaking bugs must be included in the listing until the day they're fixed, sent to 2k or get an upgrade. Just saying. What gamebreaking and bugs are there nonetheless? MyCareer roster/rotations for Mitchell, Ingram, Murray, Fox + a Couple of issues with The Rec. What else? If you place a new draft class game where you rookies, busting my League online Bug dissapear. Rookie classes do not create also. Basically you can not play more than 1 season.Even if you are okay having rookies being compacted (which shouldn't be the case in the first place) the game rests at season 4 when the game runs out of rookies to draft thus the game won't advance past the draft and ur stuck. Would you compose a variant of that? I wouldn't know how to explain the issue to somebody else besides that rookies vanished and read through it and you got them to appear again without upgrades.

To add onto what domimis mentioned concerning the myleague online insect, rookie prospects don't change after the very first season and they're taken out of the team that drafts them after the year afterward added to teams. Additionally the year draft consists of rookies if the game runs to draft so that the game won't progress past the draft and ur until the game breaks at season 4, and that proceeds. Sim-ing to another appearance from bench using high refreshrate (240Hz in my case) is brokenup. Sometimes it works, sometimes the majority of the time it goes slow-mo and takes forever to do the job, although you have to junk a button to find the Sim button to look. The same bug that's been talked about before, it's not fixed imo.
Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.

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