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I believe the 500k maximum of OSRS reflects

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I'm not saying the'ordinary'pvm departure. In my article or comments did I say that. I said there is a normal pvm setup 6m. The pic I linked is your conventional aod inventory and it is a 6m+ death... I understand not every death is 12m, but is there a good reason ANY departure ought to be 12m? That's the purpose of my post. I believe the 500k maximum of OSRS reflects a sensible understanding of punishing death ought to be. Standard and average may literally be used interchangeably. You are just being nitpicky on semantics. The normal PVM installation isnt switches for Solak or AOD or Telos or Rago so quit citing them as your typical pvm setup. Your article made a fantastic point, however, your ignorance is making a fantastic argument into a shit one.

Standard in that circumstance means what is an pvm installation, and average is what the player uses. People in Raid FC are above average gamers, but in case you have any comprehension in pvm and scrutinize their invents, it is pretty poor, usually they simply bring a shield, overloads, prayer potions, and adren baskets or vigor seldom. A pvm installation has all of the needed switches expected in a high level group. The pvm setup is just one as you don't actually need food maxed out with buttons, and with the description is pretty much matched by his. If he brought some weird shit and promised to use it until every brink then yea, he'd be padding his death cost.

Don't need food, but complaining about death expenses. Not trying to start something, it seems so strange deaths' apparent number without RoD which occur. We do all of these buttons can't simply place down our ring on? Whenever it occurs to me (actually it's more me forgetting to recharge not neglecting to place it back ) I accept that I made the error, not request jagex to make it so my error does not have a price. How can complaining about passing costs have anything to do with not needing food? People who perform at that level don't die to lack of food regular kills, and even then you can last long enough at aod using defensives to make sure you've got rod on if you guys wipe.

No one is perfect about ROD either, I click my ring switches and occasionally I drag them it deadclicks, so I just never realize till I die or need to switch rings again. And it is about building a cap for passing expenses, no one asked for them to be scrapped completely. However, if Jagex's latest opinion on death prices is for these to be restricted on OSRS, I don't see why it shouldn't be the same on RS3, even if it's balanced about ROD. As it fine as it is. There are consequences for dying together, If you'd like the advantages of getting all the different gear, and 4rightfully so.

Your whole point is based off of how you are obviously making a mistake. If you make a mistake, then you suffer the results. For me personally, I show up in departure office and then blame only myself. I am able to count the number of times it was due to pole not being rather than simply forgetting to recharge it, but the point stands. I made a mistake, so I suffered the outcome. It's fine as it is and in the event that you can not handle making mistakes then perhaps you ought to do things which help lower the cost until you're confident enough not to die/forget to possess pole on, like earning less and slowly establishing the buttons increasingly more, or attract portents/use hoarding in your gear.

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