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I am definitely not spending hundreds of dollars on a console so I could play one game

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What is much likelier is he watched how he was continuing to be asked and requested to play a position he didn't have the body type for so instead of appearing like a fair do it all player that would not assist the team considerably, he decided to try to go to some other team in hopes that they play him at positions he could flourish. Instead of sacrificing thousands looking fair to average as a jack of all trades, he belongs to a group which can unlock his pro potential as well as help that staff a great deal more instead of being run over while enjoying a lot of snaps in LB/SS. To make it look like that is on Minkah choosing to stop from the blue if the coaching team played no part is absurd and I guess it is only our fans being homers.

Madden 21 has to be cross-platform for PC sake

Madden 20 on PC is all but unplayable at some points, I have not found a single squads match SINCE LAUNCH, I played the same exact kid 7 days in a row in weekend league a week, Madden NFL can take more than 20 minutes to find a game and the current market is completely screwed. There are cards which are cheap on PS4/XBOX for example 89 OVR Kyle Juszczyk that went for upwards of 50k. There also is not really a method to"play the market" on cards such as gold tickets, as often you won't find cards such as Kelvin Benjamin for 5-6 days at a time. Cross-play would actually make everything more enjoyable.

Problem with PC is your desync stuff, individuals who do so may get 25 wins (occasionally more) in WL, securing high spots from the leaderboards. Top 100 was entered by you on a Sunday with around 8 wins, game is virtually dead. Cross-play would be complicated wise there are a decent number of glitchers so prices would inflate since PC collects coins simpler and we can't get the cross AH. Madden 21 is being sold on steam and the player base on pc should increase.

I am definitely not spending hundreds of dollars on a console so I could play one game.Nobody mentioned to. I said do not play Madden NFL 21 if it is that frustrating. A man replied saying another match is better on PC. So it seems like you have plenty of stuff to do to consume your time. But what I'm saying is when a match is created for your PC but not conducive to your own requirements, then don't play with it. It's gotta be aggravating that the marketplace is shit due to the folks playing with Madden NFL 21. However, if that was my only alternative because of a PC being owned by me then I would not buy Madden NFL 21. I enjoy football more than I dislike playing the same 7 days in titles costing more than they do on console and a row in WL.

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