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For NBA 2K20, we've fully re-architected layups

26.Jul.20, 10:45; Icon 5; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

But when over-dribbling or trying to carry out the wrong moves at the wrong time, you will see players fumbling the ball or easily getting ripped by their own defenders. We are also giving players access to fresh innovative moves such as behind back wrap leaks, Luka Doncic's imitation stepback, stutter chop steps, new shammgods, and the imitation sham hesi that Will Bynum pulled out at the Big Three. And before you put the ball down, triple threat offense has been enlarged as well, using a plethora of new moves including: directional jabs, mid-stepovers, shimmies, and new first measures. I'm excited to see how imaginative the community gets with all the newest ball managing tools at their disposal. Ankles beware.

On-ball defenders will be happy to hear that we are providing more tools to assist them lockdown their tests too. Internally, we have been calling this Read & React Defense. When guarding the balldefensive players will see a little arrow below the ball handler, suggesting where they're leaning or attempting to go. The arrow shows up in various times depending on the defender's abilities, modeling different response times between a poor defender and a great one.

Anticipating the ball handler's move properly and cutting off their attack will yield considerably more predictable outcomes like stonewalling that the dribbler, forcing a pickup, or causing a fumble. Thanks to the movement engine upgrade and its improved defensive footwork, as well as a greatly improved body-up ride platform, 1-on-1 struggles now resolve in a more predictable manner, showcasing the differences between assaulting a flat-footed defender vs. highly proficient Lockdown.

Underneath the ball handler, you'll also notice the indicator ring change from a solid circle to split up lines as the chunk handler moves around the court or performs moves. The more broken up the ring, the more vulnerable the ball handler would be to losing the ball. To further emphasize this, we re-tuned on-ball steals to be more predictable. Therefore for NBA 2K20, it is important to see what the ball handler's performing and hitting at the proper times rather than running around randomly spamming the Steal button.

Attacking and defending the rim has been another area of focus for the game group. I talked about the concept of Shot Solutions a few years back. The basic idea in real life is that good slashers can find unique solutions to get through the defense when attacking the rim. For NBA 2K20, we've fully re-architected layups and dunks for a completely branch-able mechanic. This past year we introduced the ability to branch from particular layup gathers to dunk finishes... but for layups, once you hit the button you mostly just watched a sequence play out from ground to air.

More information about NBA 2K21 in www.mmoexp.com

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