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The truth of the matter is the most interesting things in NBA 2K

29.Jul.20, 06:57; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I am done. There's been lots but 2K20 is the final straw. Where to Start. 2K20 is a game. There is 0 ability involved with winning matches. You shoot a bad release and beg it goes in or you shoot a perfect discharge and pray it doesn't provide you a full-bar cartoon. Greening shots is literally all luck, seeing as complete bars exist. I don't feel pride, Once a shooter green. I feel relief. Also, whites move in. How do you get rewarded for having poor timing? It is disgusting.

What else? Do not get me started paint defense. 100% were hit by post scorers contested no sweat, post hooks. Since it is better than just taking a layup, guards run to the pole and paint hook. Slashers place 22 on my head because it is a simple feat to leap from one side of this paint into the other like I'm Casper the Ghost and hop-step out the ass. Can we speak about animations as well? Breakers are beyond stupid; the worst guard in the entire match can score having an ankle breaker.

Contact dunks are even dumber, you run straight hold square, at your defender and NBA 2K decides to allow you to score. The truth of the matter is the most interesting things in NBA 2K are stupidly unfair. Either 2K is fun, or it is aggressive. 2K18 was modelled after and than any other 2K everyone hated it. 2K19 was and people and fun hated it. I just can not do it.

90 percent of my leaves are not Green. Its tells you what imo. Like after you can begin to tell if its going in or not. It's imo that is pretty competitive, although there are a few exploitable facets sure. I'll have three games and then and I will play with against someone better who shuts down me and rips me off that horse real fast. I'm not mad, some of us are better at NBA 2K/have been enjoying 2K longer.

In fact if I am being schooled by someone I have a tendency to get to it bc I would like to up my game to the next level and its a challenge. Just like basketball. I watched one of Kobe's worst games courtside, Michael Jordan frequently cited losing as an chance to get LBJ has dropped finals he's won. Many people though would rather just call people"crap" at a DM and be unrealistic about how basketball works.

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