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Asking to be removed out of RuneScape

31.Jul.20, 11:05; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

The quantity of dev time required to remove and correct content from the wilderness so you can add new content is much greater than just developing a brand new place on RuneScape world to add that exact same material. You want a legitimate reason for the wilderness ought to be deleted/replace, and are for why your playstyle is much more significant suggestions. Then describe repairs or solutions are not viable alternatives, if you would like to point out defects. Because the Wilderness/PvP is designed at the moment, does not imply it can't be in the FUTURE.

Just because Jagex chose a method of reviving it in the past, doesn't mean there are not solutions that are viable that are real that players/others have suggested. I am not asking for a Wilderness Rework, I am just stating it should not be removed.Most popular/active matches are located around PvP or possess important PvP scenes. The PvP audience is among the biggest audiences in gaming. Acting like Jagex should look to tap into that's silly. It may be difficult and not really worth the resources/time to reach this RIGHT NOW but in the FUTURE it might be an alternative. However, removing would just hurt that endeavor.

Many others offered tons of ideas about how to create the crazy viable again in a way thats not the shitshow this"hunter vs prey" incentive model is, and as far I can tell there was no jmod remark in the threads each time the topic came up. With general no attention from players, with no attention from jagex, and together with the management combat is going becoming more oriented towards pvm than ever, do you honestly believe that they will try design it for pvp again? It really hard to believethe least they could have achieved is mention the outcomes of the conversation mod osborned said in a livestream that they were going to have about extending the death office mechanic into the wild, which imo is the best simple solution that isnt straightup disable pvp in the area.

They might have conducted a test of the concept on earth with pvp everywhere but death mechanic everywhere too, but their lack of interest of pvp is too good to the stage we've this inaction in the place where they dont even try to fix it one way or the other. It'd be nice if Jagex would try some wildy revival attempt that is not tricking skillers into going in wildy and getting killed. I think targeting upgrades towards pvmers rather than skillers will enable a lot, like with extending Death's workplace (but more costly ) into wildy. Even though wildy deaths were several times more costly, a pvmer could make back that fairly quickly, and they're more used to shedding some mils here and there to stuff like bossing deaths and price of gear and dumb slayer injuries, while skillers likely never accidentally lose mils out wildy unless they awakened merching.

If I could fight lava noodles while sporting my normal gear and shed no longer than 20-30 minutes value of moneymaking per passing, I'd wear that instead of 3-iteming with about 300k worth of gear. Struggling off pkers would become not that much different than just learning a more-expensive-than-usual although brand new boss with mechanisms. The purpose is still valid although I agree that the title might have been worded better. Asking to be disabled in the wilderness is comparable to asking it to be disabled across the board. PvP can exist in things like minigames or the Duel arena, but those are not attributes that are primary unlike the jungle. Like asking for bossing to be removed for PvM, asking for the removal of this wilderness in that sense would be. Sure, you may kill some slayer mobs still, however, the core facet is gone.

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