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TIFU by logging in if I did

01.Aug.20, 05:15; Icon 35; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

TIFU by logging in if I did. I had my very first raid as a recruit with a guild that is good. As a trial show em I supposed and I wanted to impress these men business. So I went over to the auction house and bought a myriad of different concoctions and magic cocktails, as well as two or three stacks of runn tum tubers. I pressed buyout and browsed the plate. Yikes! Having spent half my money, I figured there is no reason to half-ass it, so I jumped onto a wyvern and shattered away towards Feralas cuz a dude was sellin' cheap cleared DM tribute ID.

So I was that. Having said hi to Gelihast and his slimy buddies and being awarded the boon of Blackfathom I flashed tf back into O-town. Doras, being tired of my shit reluctantly allow me to borrow a different wyvern's reins and I made my way into Felwood. There relogged to smell a particular flower. Ported back to OG and logged out.

Boom! Got back just in time for Overlord Runthak to scream at me. Something about a dragon and heroes. Immediately followed by the warchief about bearing witness to power and bathing, blabbering. Alright! Never before had I been so blessed! I'd Warchief's Blessing, Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Songflower Serenade, Mol'Dar's Moxie, Slip'kik's Savvy, Blessing of Blackfathom, and Fengus' Ferocity only for good measure. Logout.

A few hours later it was time. The clock struck 19:10 and I pressed"Enter World". There stumbled between the trainer and the flight master for approximately half a second before I started to station my Hearthstone. The casting pub came almost halfway there before it... ceased? I started wondering when WOW Classic had bugged out or something before I watched my own hp depleting rapidly. And I saw HIM. A degree 60 gnome rogue with his shot. The poison took the last slivers of hp as I fell, in my own capital. I felt nothing but rage and shock while I desperately looked for my buffs. Gone. WTF!? Hours of preparations down the drain.

I made my way into the raid and told the men what got my F in conversation and happened. BWL was cleared by us first MC and I think/hope I did fine. On the gnome I have nothing to say but this: I'm not even mad anymore. I'm impressed. You are never secure, not even on your own house! So conceal yo wives, conceal yo buffs, they killin' everybody out there.

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