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If You Don'T Simply Don'T Want To Play There

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What would y’all like in Next Gen my livelihood

I would love branching storylines that allow everyone to have a different unique story so my idea of this story is that you are a ranked high school player playing a nationally known prep school(could be real like IMG or Montverde or a generic one) and they could let us play the high school nationwide semi finals and championship(it'll help you decide your next step). Here's where place is taken in by the various arcs. You're ready to create your choice on which you are gonna do in the next measure. Choose such as Brandon Jennings, lamelo and others have done, to go and play for 2K or a abroad team in a league that is true can create it all up. Simply play like 3-5 games to acquire draft stock.

If keep up with high college hoops Jalen Green, and Isaiah Todd is currently going that course and 3-5 games in the G-League to ascertain inventory play. Of course you'll be a one and done at either a true college powerhouses(Michigan, Kansas, UCLA(named those because they was in previous 2Ks)) or generic schools that 2K supplies with each school providing something that rewards you(instance. one can provide more national exposure so your stock can be improved tremendously or you also might not have that much exposure but have a training staff and team that may help you ability wise for your league).

Now I said the high school matches would help because state if you played poor the college and G-league route may not be the best bet because just schools you may only be able to select is lower tier at which you may not be a real one and completed (not saying you can't go those paths but abroad may be better). You currently in the draft process and the draft combine approaches no matter what your inventory is you are going to have the option to participate in all drills and scrimmage and team interviews, just drills and interviews or only the interviews(mind you you perform bad in drills and scrimmage can hurt your stock) if you a top 3 pick I will just do team interviews.

Now you move on to staff workouts and interviews weeks before the draft(unlike this season at which you can decide on these are completely random based on your position, staff needs, team possible matches, and the way you performed) and try to not bomb the questions in the interview unless you simply don't wish to play there. If you a top pick lock anyplace 1-20 you could be qualified to enroll with a shoe business today if you a top pick(1-10) you might have multiple to choose from later in the draft you're projected you might just get one or not one and they also totally random so you choose to chose a brand today or wait and chunk out until you get improved supplies and more companies?

Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.

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