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We Could Be Enjoying NBA Live

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I don't look forward to it 2K was clever about this. They make cash for their digital money bullshit that everyone hates. Yes there will be tons of issues with NBA 2K21 probably. Having said that 2K is among the most well-known franchises in the world like CoD. So many casual players and 2K play with they won't really care it is $70 because it is just $10 and they don't purchase games every month. Plus it's NBA 2K21 that is fun to play along with your friends so you'll be more inclined to get it because your friend(s) did. I'm not saying I am happy for it but it was a good move for them to perform it.

Tons of games have a price point that is higher. Looking at earlier times even far enough back to when games were'only' $50, we are getting far more from (a few ) games. The problem is devs have been afraid to raise the price for their matches, so they put to squeeze extra money from consumers like mtx, ads, season moves, dlc, and special editions.

This has functioned for many players because it allows a particular amount to be spent by consumers based on their personal/mental investment with NBA 2K21. Obviously, there are lots of completely valid arguments about lootboxes being gambling, deceptive marketing targeted at kids which don't know better, and cover to win situations, to list a few, so I'm not saying that this is the best approach, only it seems to be a sort of unholy alliance.

The issue is if we as players say we are eager to invest $70-$80 on NBA 2K21 without being particular in what we request, the result is NBA 2K21 such as NBA2K21, which I'd argue is that the worst case scenario. It's an game so that you know the lifespan will only be a year. It does not have any update or smart delivery system aside from the $100 special edition, and that is a disgusting money grab playing off the passing of Kobe Bryant for people to fork over $30 ($40 of you count the cost hike) for some makeup, and you'll most certainly see advertisements and mtx in addition to all that.

Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.

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