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Slayer is a skill and it's boring

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The only thing slayer does is unlock new monsters / supervisors for me. The skill concentrated on. Im coaching combats, magic, range, making GP doing fun bossing etc.. In addition, don't start slayer at low battle, thats the main mistake newer players create because they hear"slayer is the best". And it sucks at low battle because theres not one of those fun things I have talked about along with your tasks are much slower and much more boring.I maxed combats immediatly following gold payable out of <a href="www.rsgoldfast.com gold</a> to get into bossing with clanmates who also returned when OSRS mobile came outside. We are all stuck in the job of slayer being entirely obsolete since we could boss or perform vork/zulrah for gp, and cannon or barrage farming is zero pleasure amd a waste of time which might have been spent on neighborhood play or playing something different.

Slayer is a skill and it's boring, it is go here and kill x monster y times. It is the same as chop x quantity of trees for y xp. You may literally kill monsters whenever you want why do you need an npc to tell you when. This is the reason why I do not get accounts with more than the exp for 99. Sure, if you get a large kc on cerb that makes sense that you have like 15m exp, however the people with 50m+ that make fun of me for being maxed at 93 slayer... I didnt get the jobs that I wanted, so I really did what I wanted rather than

New content is PvM mechanisms from rs3, we rarely see lore new quests, or any new high level skilling upgrades. Perhaps one day.Honestly that's quite okay with me, means that they could use RS3 as a makeshift beta evaluation for RuneScape, only attracting over the stuff they know works well and is balanced. That said I've never played RS3 therefore that it's all new to me, if I played a ton of RS3 before OSRS I bet I would find it far more annoying. Atleast that the thing that is xerics will go with the coming quest. Finaly moving out this newcomer quest area a tad.

I recall there being a questionnaire for hints. I voted against it, since it did not define a limit for how many could be stacked. I'd be fine with storing a few, such as your proposed numbers, so that a hint drop doesn't mean that you have to stop your existing task to complete it immediately in the event that you would like further hints. I just don't want infinite clue stacking to stop people from stockpiling loads of them to get efficiency-scape clue farming rather than the periodic breaks they are meant to be. League only showed that the clues were broken. It was certainly fun to be able to complete an Abby demon task with dozens of elite and hard hints, and do more than 100 clues in a sitting, but like a lot of league relics, its just too much from the initial concept of OSRS. both were fine in the league but no place in the game, although I would love WT chilly defense or the resource transport relic.

And hint rewards will be devalued since there are more clues coming to RuneScape. They are barely worth doing as is, and even with a limit of five so it's still enough to create an impact. Leagues was exceptional because all the steps were ensured to be in a single small field of RuneScape. I mean, seriously, teleporting out and shifting gear is annoying, but it doesn't take that long. I really don't think doing each hint when they fall than saving them up before the close of the job would take that much longer and doing all of <a href="www.rsgoldfast.com RS gold</a> them at one time. The benefit has been able to do all the measures in Zeah. I have serious doubts that being able to take two elites or three hards at once would be game-breaking.

<a href="www.rsgoldfast.com RS gold</a>

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