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Meanwhile I stopped while farming 2 hours to trying finish the subclass quest

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Meanwhile I stopped while farming 2 hours to trying finish the subclass quest. How nice for those placing as a goal 2 monsters that doenst predominate in any area but only during random events. Gorongo, or anything that green caterpillar item is called in NA, could be discovered in Area 2 of the Forest. I think that it's that one. Whichever Naverius quest starts off you by simply dropping you down from the skies instead of walking in. You and several waves of enemies directly at the beginning struggle with and a wave of them has 4 Gorongos. Everytime.

The two CAN spawn without a Emergency Code happening. They could spawn anywhere else however they have noticeably lower spawn rates. I have had most success in these areas though. And the spawn rate is obviously made even worse if your desire sensor is on. Well in the event that you have another 10 minutes to waste the Volcano/amduskian (sorry can't ever remember the specific titles of them ) time attack also has guaranteed spawns for the dragon bois. However they spawn through it and in the conclusion. Which is the reason why I wasn't advocating it. And I end up discovering Fordrans in Volcano Expedition with a little ease.

Taking some client orders in with you throughout the Expedition to locate Fordrans can be more fun and rewarding. Getting some exp to your sub and main as soon as you turn them as well. Plus it does not feel like draining or time wasting. Just incase you or someone else reading this doesn't understand: Go pick your mission (Don't combine a multi block zone nonetheless ). Open the main menu, then find customer orders, then select"Orders which could be completed in the present area". And boom a listing of quests that are all available for that zone pops up and you'll be able to pick multiple! Then you can go back and select multi block zone. PSO2 is fun. But I could agree it has its pieces. Here is to hoping that you give it a second go.

You can't permanently screw up your character, even being entirely f2p. Mag can be reset with resources you can acquire in-game, depending on how badly you screwed up it it may takes a great deal of resources but compared to grinding BiS this is a very trivial grind. They're handling all ability tree reset moves like candies and they're per-character so if you have 3 characters in your accounts (even flat 1 ones) you will get 3 moves every time they're passed out. Those can be traded between personalities. You need to wait for the passes to be handed out tho. This is without considering that you can always pay fee to quicken this. Mags are around 3$ USD and abilities tree pages are pretty cheap too. 20-30$ could get you really far in PSO2 when it comes to quality of life but that I really do know some folks are not willing to invest a dime.

In terms of the cherry on the cake, you may barely screw up a personality (whether it's mag, ability tree, etc) so much that it makes it unplayable. It's possible but you need to literally go the opposite of common sense about what is good for your character. Most case of"screw-up" I have seen were people exaggerating because they are passing up a few stats like it'd gate them out of anything in PSO2. You will always have stuff to do with a non min/max personality and you will not be gated by it of any material. PSO2 is 80% player skills 20% gear/tree. Min/maxing is important and is a thing but an excellent player can solo any endgame content while a group of 12 people with similar gear will fight because they're not as good at PSO2. Keep on playing and don't forget to have fun, people really like to make everything a bigger deal than it is.

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