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The defects on power ups with bodily chems subject teams, and my feelings

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I would also like to add somebody believe that a fix would be overly only have staff chems and boost team chems. The problem is that subject teams at MUT Madden 21 will be a day one thing, because you're going get spanked with your stock cards going up against a team with the +5 to every stat theme staff boost. The market's costs will skyrocket and making a theme team will likely be more expensive and furthermore, people then have to guess what teams will get excellent players day 1, just so they could compete with the meta. Thus, MUT becomes a game mode of ravens vs chiefs every match (hyperbole but yk exactly what I mean: the teams likely to be great with escape artist QBs are all you're going see).

That is more of an expression of frustration with EA as I believe the theme team entity, is sneaky. They've endorsed making them into live streams and their GMM. I'm not attacking anyone who likes this, the concept is really cool: benefit those who put together a team of their favorite players, I'm simply frustrated with the implementation of the premise accomplished by EA. One last thing: If you're going say motif teams are balanced since one place isn't good, you can achieve 50/50 with some none TT gamers, and even though, an 87 o lineup men, is a small price to pay for getting the mad stats boosts defense. (This was an exaggeration to generate an illustration ).

Chems and subject teams have done the opposite of what EA intended. They thought it'd attract more creativity to the match but in reality it has made every card exactly the same. Creativity is lacking in an astonishing manner. This is a superb point that reinforces the argument against motif teams.I'm running a Seahawks theme in every Madden I played with so far and it is hard to say TT ruined the game because ea subjected it to secure more money for less effort. You and I agree but just take the team away chem x2/x3 cards and it more balanced. You require cards tilo fill needs. Simply take the Seahawks as example the complete on the internet is almost garbage.

Now every player has to have crazy speed and stats, because we can not be okay with a slow receiver with great route running, you have to make a theme team like everyone else, and at the point it is just regs. I would rather have every card be able to be chemed up to exactly the exact same have every one use the same players. Its weird how Ultimate Team has transitioned from this cool concept of"make your own team"....with different awards, stadiums, playbooks, players and coaches. To"play with Ultimate Team with the same players from the exact same group to get speed boosts!"

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