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EVE Online is a complex game with a great deal of information

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It is the adaptation work that interests us here. EVE Online is a case study concerning a interface and complex to comprehend. We're blessed to be able to ask questions to Wei Su, producer of Eve Echoes, and here is what he can tell us concerning this site:EVE Online is a complex game with a great deal of information. We redesigned the user interface several times to get an efficient way to maintain them. We prioritized them reorganized them and put them.

I will use a quick example to demonstrate this, in EVE Online, players may have multiple channels in windows. In Echoes, we have joined the windows to save display space, but using a filter which allows you decide which channel you wish to see. Wei Su and his staff also aim to change the habits of players that are cellular. If Eve Echoes is played in short periods, on the go, it does not eliminate anything of this complexity and the investment required by its own elder: EVE Online already has some interesting features for this type of short sessions, but we want to take the risk of moving beyond the constraints of mobile games. These are mostly short and casual, but it doesn't mean that gamers won't want to try out EVE on their phones.

We'll have to wait until mid-August to figure out whether Eve Echoes keeps its promises, which may very well be summed up by the words of its producer when asked exactly what interests him Eve Echoes: '' I do not have to rush into my desk every time my friends ask me to join their fights. I take my telephone or tablet computer can lie down and join a space war.Part of what makes EVE indeed exceptional is the way player-driven Eve Echoes is when it comes to narrative. Instead of selling the franchise out and producing a mobile game which places profits over gamers, CCP Games has clearly taken its time to ensure that they move about doing a version of EVE the ideal way. That's meant consulting with the EVE Online community and valuing player feedback as they continue to develop Eve Echoes. At the EVE Vegas seminar, I sat in on a session where players could deliver direct responses and pitch inquiries and hints to NetEase and CCP staff members.

Additionally, it helps that Wei Su, one of the older producers at NetEase leading the work on Eve Echoes, is an EVE Online veteran himself with more than ten years of playing experience in Eve Echoes. Creating and facilitating open lines of communications between the players and developers has been part of CCP's strategy for developing EVE Online, so it makes sense for the same conversation to exist heading into the beta for Eve Echoes. A cold truth about EVE Online is that it needs a copious quantity of clicking around the screen and tedious menu navigation to do pretty much anything in Eve Echoes. For some EVE players, the freedom is all part of the pleasure and justifies the massive effort required that those game tools ultimately provide.

But in the world of mobile gaming, an menu system is poison. Among the biggest challenges tasked to the NetEase team was developing a variant of EVE Online's UI which works for tablets and phones. Discussing through a translator with Wei Su, he emphasized how crucial it was to take advantage of their flexibility touchscreens provide for distance navigation and controlling the camera while simplifying the repetitive procedures in EVE -- to do so without sacrificing the depth that provides EVE players the liberty to personalize everything just perfect.

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