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Rendi has mad match understanding & he has contributed

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Rendi has mad match understanding & he has contributed to bettering the understanding/exploiting of their sport mechanisms. However he had a lot of help. He's well connected with the underground & market runescape communities who contributed a lot of game knowledge to him.

All three joined, it created a blue print for the level 3 firecape. Again they will need patience and persistence to accomplish this, as every effort takes over 100 hours seeing. However, a level 3 flame cape requires an average ability level in tick manipulation, memorizing the blueprint Rendi has given us, and to just go for it.

You can not achieve replicating his movie with motivation and persistence what Woox did. It requires calculation is ticked by god tier. I'd say the prayer flicks of Woox belong at the 1% of the 1 percent. He's easily top 5, if not already the #1 pray flicker from the game. There are likely less than 10 people in the sport capable to do Woox's inferno challenge, whereas there are hundreds, or even a thousand gamers who are capable to do Rendi's level 3 cape challenge.

I completely agree that each are their own challenges that are unique and require different abilities. But on the grounds of repeatability, Woox's challenge is much harder. For instance: Let us say you take 200 arbitrary gamers. 100 of these gamers are randomly chosen to achieve level 3 flame cape. The remaining 100 are chosen to achieve the Woox inferno run. Now let's assume all 200 people have the motivation and persistence . I'd wager there would be 50 level 3 fire capes in the initial group, before the 2nd team even manages to Woox Infero, IF they even can finish it.

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