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A Couple of questions from a returning player

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Now I just wonder, what Madden NFL 21 rating is going to be on Steam release, I suggest you can't go below Negative, but it is worse than 2k literally in every single facet? Basketball excepted, Madden and FIFA definitely make the most money and also have the franchise modes. NHL's franchise mode has an okay Create-A-Team attribute but they are stuck with the same stock logos ( many identical to Madden! ), you can't make the jerseys or ice look authentic to the NHL so everything just comes across as half-assed in comparison to 2K. Even simple things like league history and documents, a real TV presentation bundle, immersion... EA reveal no interest in that side of things.

A Couple of questions from a returning player

Hey guys, I only got the free Madden NFL 20 game. It is the madden game I've played in about 8 decades. So a lot has been forgotten by me. It would help me out a lot if anyone can answer some of the questions! How do I set up offensive and the different defensive place audibles so I just have to select which play I want as that audible, press the button and then switch to this perceptible? What does that mean? And what exactly does right stick direction roll mean? Could we create plays madden? I really hope they didn't get rid of that. I appreciate any help that I get and that I will probably have more questions in the future.

Just a heads up, Madden has regressed from its glory days, from stripping the Franchise mode, to becoming so reliant on cartoons that you lose almost all user command, predictable gameplay (because of the animations) into the arcade kind X-Factors now in the sport, there are 3 reasons Madden NFL 20 was liberated to you: 1. The sport is the worst in the franchise's history (according to client feedback) and 3. Its crazy to think that Madden 25, the first Madden on next gen, is one of, if not the finest Maddens of the era. The graphics are amazing though.

Adding to this, the gameplay is broken, so you can conduct stretch runs for pretty much every play and profit at least 7 yds every time (The Madden Bowl was won like this, no passes attempted) The defensive logic only isnt there a long with the O-Line. AI pursuit is terrible, the franchise AI is equally as bad, you will have teams using 4 80 ovr qbs every making 10M+. Animations dont blend well at all, and on many plays you will be stuck in an uncontrollable cartoon, such as the interception over the WR cartoon where Id restrain the WR to attempt to jump, it will merely enter the CB/S's hands on ur back.

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