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You are most likely perfect.

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I concur about dds, but that is more for outlast/pure struggles - and why I say for pure fights is even for wildy pure fights, mostly they are about brews and you can output so much dps (even through prayer occasionally ) they simply can't out heal it. However, for other builds unless you're in strength bonus you will not be koing people with dds unless they do not know how to eat. In the end you won't wind up learning more than you can learn in lms since it is also outlast, unless of course you're one of the 3 people that like to hybrid fight in edge pvp.

I get what you are saying but there has not been any mention of how large the entry cost would be as well as the ELO would impact finding fights. You'd obviously find out as you perform along with the ELO would aid you in finding players on your skill level, it wouldn't be perfect but it may work. I would see it as a way to see yourself improve in ranks and enjoy the pvp aspect of Runescape without risking too much. And you wouldn't get stomped on as much because it would be contrary to a person of rank, it would simply have to get traction for individuals to try out it. Knowing jagex they would only do one tweet and add a little part in a skilling blog mentioning it so it would fail by default due to people not knowing about it.

You are most likely perfect. But the manner elo works you constantly (tend to) fight people of the same skill level, which means that you never see yourself really enhance cause you never get the sensation of completely dicking somebody down. And the second they enter real pvp they'd find out real quick that their training wasn't the ideal sort of training. It may get some people to test out pvp who never would in the first place, but again people used to do that with their buddies all the time in the duel arena, but the duel arena is a veritable wasteland out w2 staking or nh stakes. I used to do"fun fights" as they were called with my friends almost every day, but nobody does.

So I really don't see why something that's essentially the exact same - battling your buddy - i.e. a person of your skill level, with no risk and the same gear, would be popular today when it can be done. People just don't have friends anymore? Perhaps because most of their friends are pvm concentrated, because pk focused friends are already good enough to pk? I know I don't have any friends that could fun fight with me at the duel arena. Actually on that note, I have seen some quite weird fights between what I presume were buddies in real dangerous zone at pvp worlds - perhaps they do not even know they could do exactly the identical thing with no risk in the duel arena?

Difference is that these would be conflicts between randoms and also there are a cost for winning so it would be an incentive to do your best, and it's good if it is slow to begin with because then they could gradually learn the proper usage of brews, overheads etc., which is the most significant part nhing. Not to mention the innumerable number of people who would play for ranked just because an ELO system will be in place, I won't even mention lms also it's rank system cos that shit is dumb.

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