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Or Individuals Are Salty From Matters

07.Sep.20, 05:38; Icon 5; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Where do you guys think the line ought to be drawn for memes?Allow all memes?Remove all memes?Remove low-effort memes. . . and should you choose this option what's an objective means to determine if a meme is low-effort? Personally I'd vote for option 3 at which low-effort memes are described as anything free of runescape vision and less than two runescape-related sentences. With these guidelines this"Let me in!!!" Meme would be considered low effort. But the 2 articles which were eliminated by mods would still be allowed.

You might wind up using most meme formats with a bit of effort if this were a rule. This scroll of fact meme about ruby bolts would be let whereas that scroll of truth meme would be considered low attempt, rather than allowed. But there's never been consistent guidance from anyone, such as the mods themselves. That doesn't work because people still want some kind of moderation within this region although in this case, I would definitely simply scrap the principle. But just how much? This is where things get murky.

Define what you believe should be considered spam, and what you would like to see. Nobody will agree, but it is going to surely help out. I'm not defending the style of modding occurring now, but I can kind of understand why they can't specify guidelines on what's a"low-effort meme", since nobody can set it with any consensus. so the two meme you posted ngl are pretty funny especially the scroll of truth meme. How I see this is if the meme isnt an exaggeration meme then it is fine to have no matter the implications it maybe suggesting(the point of a meme is a joke at exactly like comedy). I wouldnt mind seeing what kind of memes folks make, as long as they dont flood the sub. Tfw I offer guidance and all of my posts regarding what they should do better get removed.

What? Regardless of this is in fact one of the very boring subs I have seen. I submitted a meme on how will be the inquis staff pieces were after nerf together with the meat that was rare meme plus it got taken down in 5 mins and gave up making memes on this sub. I don't play oldschool, but I trace the subreddit just for the memes. It is a good laugh, we need a little that every now and then. I wouldn't mind seeing memes on this particular sub as well. This subreddit is boring. It is, I genuinely go to runescape 2007 just because of their memes and jokes because though I don't play that game I could still understand most of the references. Agreed. Never anything else interesting or new . Just countless complain articles.

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