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To what role do you aspire to fulfill in live?

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So long as they keep up with the constraints on Alpha clones, I do not really see much of an issue with it. Only thing that really"worries" me is using alts to rat, which might inflate ISK a lot.

To what role do you aspire to fulfill in live?

This is purely a question of curiosity. I feel as though mission running would grow stale over time but starts off rewarding and fun. The same is true for ratting. PvP while exciting, was severely crippled by that which it is in EO. Logistics could be cool but with offline travel and traveling protection something, I don't see it being profitable as it would be otherwise. Playing the market through trade remains something but this is often something pushed onto an alt since it's mind-numbingly boring by itself.

Mining, crafting, and invention seem intact from what it always was and is now a critical role to Eve Echoes's economy but OMG is it boring by itself. I really do want ISK trading was in Eve Echoes to earn investment and piracy trading fun. I believe it is intended for inclusion at start so my first goals will be channel trading during the day and PVP at night using the potential of constructing a corp investment portfolio. One clone for mining, which I'll generally do while operating on a desk job. Second clone is going to be, possibly also, but there isn't any exploration in Eve Echoes at the moment. The two clones are a part of the exact same corp that will be very critical for having fun (you do not want to play Eve Echoes solo or you'll become bored and burn quickly).

Let's us to read EVE Echoes ISK information on www.fastisk.com

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