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This Isn'T Rhetorical I Do Not Get It

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So I can kind of see where they're coming from, due to the character of a'home' being what it's IRL, the seeming overwhelming desire of the playerbase is to make the POH into more of a Player possessed foundation camp or Barracks, somewhere to visit create prepping for different tasks faster/easier for a certain player. Which admittedly a lot of this functionality is already readily accessed other places like Max guild or Wars Retreat. Other than what current POH's already have.

Which the concept of a Player possessed barracks/base camp/village could be something cool to entertain for a rework. A larger scale area to train construction, beginning with your house, then moving on to a settlement for NPC's who could then become employees of some sort that create choices for passive XP gain like POF mixed with miscellania. Greater your level the various typed of functional buildings your camp may have, from a smith to substitute the armor rack, to a lender, or even a mage to get tele's etc.. Where you'd need to supply materials for their functionalities to work, in addition to a Base quantity of materials and a foundation level to create the structure those NPC's would work in anyways. Along with the choice to organize them in a manner that suits the players liking, where combat support role NPCs could be closer to the house tele place for easier access. And other npc's could be further. Obvi I'm literally just spewing thoughts with little without believing prior, so it might be incredibly flawed but I feel it could be a start of something to think about.

Do tough wildly diary and do chaos altar, even faster.Unless you can not get Prif, simply do crystals. 100% AFK. Prices way greater than bones. It was originally introduced to function as a gp sink. I believe around the time there was a whole lot of gold injected to the system out of botting and this was their cure to eliminate said gold.

I know nothing about RS3 in its present state

OSRS participant here, construction is insanely OP for people who have regen pool and house tiles. What makes it useless for RS3? Quit runescoe from 2006 to return to old-school by the way so I know nothing about RS3 in its existing state.Osrs and RS3 we've been given a lot of the same QOL fans however in Osrs they had been incorporated into construction whereas RS3 they were only inserted.

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.

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