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We Wish To Take On The Challenge Of Bringing

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There will be two AC scratches in NA throughout that time... I do not understand that they'll enjoy the lower income. That is what I believe only foundation wear and stuff which you just use and is secured to you as you have to go to the salon to alter everything else I dont think will and even then that is still not 100 percent since they did not mention it whenever they can talk about room things and emotes they could have discuss this as well. We'll only have to await more information if anything I'd be more worried that they did not speak on it straight to be fair. Just like they are holding off until afterwards since the lash back from the whales. Lets calm down for a second here, if you think about this rationally there's absolutely no way in hell they wouldn't bring over the outfits if they are already letting us attract over firearms, units and mags. AC/SG is your life blood that brings the money in and keeps on the servers, if they didint plan to let's bring that over then noone will spend a dime more which means no gain for them.

I am with you if they could mention other things rather than this something iffy I might be incorrect sure but so odd to me feel like they alluded to this topic which is very worrying to me indeed seeing as they mentioned a lot of other things. They haven't mentioned if the skins people have purchased will carry over. I am kind of surprised they have not announced this yet; fashion is a huge deal for a lot of people in PSO2. I am kind of amazed they haven't announced this yet; vogue is a massive deal for a lot of people in PSO2.

Yea that part worries me because its a complete different game. It could be a tragedy if all new content is on NGS in which you have to start over and lose your advancement, but still possess the capability to perform with the old content. For instance idk. It could work if they'd innovative articles on both sides which keeps you interested in either side. They are conscious of the cash at stake and are planning worldwide launch so im sure that they have a plan. Either way afaik nothing like this has ever been attempted before so it will be interesting to see how they opt to go about it.

My main concern is based on that release date it feels like NGS will come out shortly after the launch of episode 6 that means NA players might have to select between playing/learning the newest content and mechanics which come with episode 6 but being in NGS when you are done or skipping it and leaping straight into NGS... The reality is they will say none of the carries more; NA is being mined for cosmetics thus 2-month rotation at twice the content load each at breakneck. They would not do something stupid like mention this early. That'd cause people not to do ANYTHING until NG came outside / react accordingly!

Check out www.pso2ah.com for more details.

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