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Simply fight Arthas with buy wow classic gold

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From a lore prospective the championship was too picked the group to go into ICC and battle Arthas, you can't simply fight Arthas with a army since he will ruin all of the mooks and now he's the army, Tirion Fordring knowing this held the tournament to choose the elite of the elite to help him take down Arthas.It is activision-blizzard. Activision could have removed the blizzard role by now if the name did not sell better than activision.

Their Activision branch brings in 2x the revenue the Blizzard division does (993 mil vs. 461 mil last quarter). You underestimate the amount of knuckle draggers that adore Call of Duty.I have played WoW and Destiny (two games affected by Acti.) I will inform you what. . NOTHING CHANGED.IMO Blizzard is becoming lazy without Activision. I believe blizz simply felt overly strong regardless of activision and believe people will play with the game regardless. You never wanna blame the company who had a significant role in your childhood (Halo for Bungie and Warcraft/Starcraft/diablo for Blizzard) however acti.

Still has good games that people enjoy.I really don't know if I would point to any one major"item", although obviously the Activision merge is among the biggest ones. But I think you're right in they became complacent and also forgot what made them popular to begin with. Look at Diablo 3's launch, the lead guy working on it had open disdain for its previous manager, there was this haughty feeling to the whole design and release which everyone would play with it just based on the title.It is a pity, but it's the nature of the games business too. Companies come and go for all sorts of factors.

Blizzard will sort itself out or fade off.Idk Ive played because vanilla and people bitched about blizzard and wow sucking then to, I recall people HATED wotlk.If there is something that's been consistent about wow forms from 2004 to now is non-stop complaining and raging.The two things I hated about WOTLK was the return of Naxx and the Argent tourney.

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