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Will be wow classic gold for sale forgotten

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Hidden mythical weekly soft caps?Thus legion can conquer all of this, but SL cannot overcome covenants being sub-optimal for a while?After SL is in the past a lot of those complaints will be wow classic gold for sale forgotten. Legionhad stuff I didn't like but I'd be hard pressed to really recall them. I am looking forward to SL.Expressing your opinion howgood/bad any growth was is dangerous land on this sub.However, yeah, imo Legion was one of the best.

Best growth up to now, nodebate. Anyone else which says otherwise is simply chasing nostalgia.Screw being behind dps meters for months and months since Ididnt have the BiS legendary.In my opinion should have just got rid of the mythical system. Really ruined the title legendary andwas the equivalent of getting a blue from a rare. Not really exciting in comparison to getting other legendaries like previousexpansions that took some time and effort to acquire em. Legendaries in Legion were enormous, many changed gameplay massively forthe courses that got them, and you think the"older" legendaries were improved? Most of them just had large stats and no realimpact on gameplay...

The main difficulty was that they kept doubling down on the machine after it had obviously failed. Itmight've only been"that bizarre thing we needed to cope with for one patch," but rather they let it leave a black mark on thewhole expansion.Edit: miracle that member of the dev team downvoted me.Even though I hated the legendary system, everything elseabout the expansion was awesome. . Suramar might very well be my favourite area/story ever.Legion was easily the best expansionsince WotLK for me.Best expansion so far, and I've been playing since TBC. I loved the focus on class fantasy, course halls,adored RNH epic drops (since it made all content valuable to play) and adored artifact weapons.Everything wrong with BFA wasintroduced in Legion. I really don't know why everyone thinks it was so terrific.Legion was a fantastic expansion?!!? Guesseverything is up following WOD.

Fantastic story, tons and a great deal of articles to encounter (to the point where even when Iroll up a new class I am eager to return to perform the Legion course questlines.) That was super lore heavy with all types oftrendy throwbacks and testimonials (such as calia menethil in the priest hall before it became evident she'd be playing a role inthe upcoming story.) And artifacts gave us a ton of interesting and cool transmog alternatives and even more fleshed out lore andreferences. Then there was the mage tower. Hot damn.

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