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Even if you're a diehard RuneScape playe

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But wait, coaching is not all that you have to do to get a quest cape, can it be? No, you need to actually do the quests! Let's do a rough estimate a second. There are 159 quests, so they probably take an average of an hour each if with a guide (they do to me anyhow ). Even if you're a diehard RuneScape participant and play 4 hours a day 7 days a week, it will still take you 5 weeks and 5 days to complete them all. Now assume a mean of 10 minutes between each person to get ready for the quest, which bumps it around 6 weeks and 5 days. Just doing the quests after you have all of the training done takes longer than fletching or cooking! That actually makes it seem shorter than it truly is. If you are more like me, and perform about 7 hours each week, it's going take 26 weeks and 4 days, or about 5.5 months.

Of course, there are the smaller details, such as 10 of their abilities being boostable to find the max required levels, but I believe that only partly compensates for the quests that you'll likely wish to be substantially above the mandatory level. There's also the opportunity of dying and losing substantial sums of money which makes things tougher, but that does not take place if you are smart (I have lost a total of about 225k from a total of about 3 deaths on quests). And we are completely disregarding the time it takes to make that cash, but in my situation I haven't had to spend time making money, as long as I move without things most people have, such as whips. Oh, and Jagex keeps releasing new quests, fairly frequently increasing the skill levels that you want to obtain, so the quest cape keeps getting harder to get, where abilities only get simpler, if they change in any way.

I argue that the pursuit cape is harder to get than 2, or maybe 3 average ability capes assemble. Discuss. First of all people that want to answer these queries please reply them with great detail and decent explanation why. Please be serious. The reason why I'm asking this is because I am taking a college course and my job was to beat an MMORPG game and receive excellent details on the game in addition to gamers remarks so I chose a game that I loved which is Runescape so thank you for engaging in my lil event.


2. What's your favorite thing to do in this game?

3. Why would you play this game from another game? How do you really feel about the items in this match?

6. How do you feel about the monster/creatures in this game?

Additionally if anyone can think of a fantastic question to ask that will provide me a lil bit more info why they like the game please remark your suggestions and thank you so much for your time. If I posted in the wrong topic I'm very sorry and in the event that you could comment the right topic I should post under thanks to your time and have fun with all the questions I'll consider any ideas.

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