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I played maybe one or two seasons on madden 21

16.Oct.20, 06:43; Icon 7; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I played maybe one or two seasons on madden 21 and decided I'd had enough. It didn't take long to realize that I was playing the exact same exact game.I think it also helps we are in a worldwide pandemic still. . I really don't see this getting better by winter and I have about 7 friends also obtaining it.Did this last year I had taken 2 years off and had some good fun with 20. It does not excuse the absolute ineptitude of EA sports - but the game is fun to f you take time away from it for a few years.Hasn't been a solid game in 11 years.

I skipped 20 bought 21 on launch day played it once never played it I wish I could get my money back, hurry up 2k rescue us!I buy madden every year because I like soccer. Tbh this years gameplay feels a little better and a little more realistic. However not about the level of the last 2k soccer game but... I am cool with it. In addition, I don't play MUT or Franchise.Once you start trying to play with online, you will see it's no pleasure (and nearly impossible) to compete against people who can drop $500 on card packs. Oh and all of the time/work which you put in the group is gone once the game comes out.Don't feel bad. You are experiencing a match as it is, instead of comparing it to previous games. Madden is a solid football game. It just doesn't really add features from year to year (such as the majority of the sports genre).I buy it almost every year and I am having fun using Madden 21. Best gameplay with a mile. My only big complaint is the lack of innovation with the franchise style. Otherwise , I am pretty satisfied.People will buy soccer games is a very simple fact. By NFL showing EA to be the only permit they empower EA to put as little effort as possible.What's sadder is EA's contract with the NFL was eventually exercising and what happens? The dumbasses at the nfl only turn around and hand EA another contract since they enjoyed EA's strategy for"innovation" in the future. What a load of bullshit. No what they enjoy is that EA makes them money by maintaining innovation and costs to a minimum. Fuck EA. Stick using a year of Madden you enjoy and refuse to Purchase for another two Decades or so.
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